Friday, December 24, 2010

Mary Pat Angelini has Sent *ME* a Christmas Card!

Wow. As an update to my previous blog entry about cards, I feel an obligation to note that I was honored to receive a Christmas card in the mail this afternoon, Christmas Eve, from *MY ASSEMBLYWOMAN*, The Honorable Mrs. Mary Pat Angelini.

To judge fairly as I did to the other cards/senders, the card is a casual Hallmark style Christmas card, no picture or Republican logo or anything "political" about it and it is HAND SIGNED by "Mary Pat Angelini / District 11, Assembly". (Side Note: the hand signing thing is an important item to me because it demonstrates the extra few seconds invested in each person's card as well as, hopefully, a look at the name the card is being sent to. I hand signed my name in black Sharpie marker on the back of each of my 70ish cards that I mailed) Overall, it is well done and clearly identifies the sender and appear as a legitimate acknowledgement of the holiday over a political advertisement, I just hope that Mrs. Angelini didn't just see my blog post and send me alone a card, but I hope that she sent a card to other committee members, volunteers and the good Republicans among us as well. If not, then don't I feel special (and a bit of a goof for complaining to get a card), and hopefully Mrs. Angelini continues and expands the holiday tradition in the coming years.

Again, I personally think that mailing a card is a (money wise) cheap and great little motivator and team building tool to acknowledge and thank the supporting cast who otherwise go unnoticed; as long as the card is sincere rather than a solicitation like Anna Little's card, it is appreciated. Thank you again Mrs. Angelini, and a Merry Christmas to you and you family and all of my other blog readers here.

..for the record.. Mr. Frank Pallone still didn't send me a card.... I doubt he will. If he does, I'll make a special note of it here...


ambrosiajr said...

Jimmy....I'm hurt. I never got your hand signed in sharpie Christmas Card. Was it something I said?

James Hogan said...

No, you can get a card, all you have to do is move to Long Branch - district 10 and register as a Republican. Is that too much to ask in exchange for a card?