Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NJ Snow Storm Thoughts

Warning.. foul language.... but hey, at least no nudity... just some incredibly white legs.

In case anyone cares, I did my part and shoveled myself out yesterday and then shoveled the walk to my elderly's neighbor's front door. I then shoveled out a few cars stuck on my street and helped two other neighbors get their walks cleared as well. I usually shovel my neighbor's 100ft long driveway for him as well but I just don't have the energy to clear the 3-6ft drifts that are piled up there, honestly, the snow will melt in a few days time anyhow.

I tried to get to work around 11 yesterday (Tuesday) but about 4.5 hours later, I'd managed to get nowhere as Locust Ave in West Long Branch hadn't been plowed/was one lane in most parts with a van stuck/blocking the road. Then Rt35S at the Monmouth Mall was closed, couldn't make the left at Wyckoff or Hope Rd and Rt36 was barely one "lane" of moving traffic in each direction with the "lane" being a winding road between abandoned cars and trucks along the way, a car hauler had gotten stuck about a half mile or so in front of me which didn't help my cause. The ramps to/from Rt18 were all closed and it appeared the ramp to parkway south/express lanes was also closed. None of the Jersey Jug Handles were plowed and most people were just (trying) to make the illegal lefts across the highway or making u-turns where needed.

I then tried to take my elderly neighbor around the corner to 7-11 last night around 4:30 to get some milk and bread, because that's what everyone needs when it snows, but since everyone needs their milk and bread in the snow, they were all out. We tried to get over to ShopRight in West Long Branch but made it just beyond Oceanport Ave before we came to a stop for about an hour. It then took us another 45 minutes to get to Broadway -- BP station also had no milk/bread so I picked up the GF at work across the street and we headed back in the direction of home.. another hour later and a stop at QuickCheck on Broadway and the neighbor had his milk but had to settle for some healthy boxed donuts over bread. I got a lottery ticket for my good deeds, if I won I'm investing in snow making machines and a front loaded. I'll make my own hills.

For the record, I'll go out on a limb here and say that I think the cities/states did way too much this storm despite the incredibly poor conditions on the roads. Being the week after a big holiday and before the New Year, I'd bet most service related businesses weren't doing too much this week anyhow, the retail stores all seem to be claiming they made mega-bucks this shopping season, and for the cost to pretend to clean up, remove snow, pay overtime, pay diesel fuel, tow cars, destroy cars, etc we'd of probably been better off just having a State of Emergency declared for the week, no cars/buses/trucks/etc allowed on the roads, pay the public works types their usual 8 hours to work cleanup during normal hours and just tell everyone to stay home and enjoy the time off. I'm certain that the snow will be gone and melted in a few days anyhow not to mention it would have saved a lot of people the aggravation of getting nowhere fast or being told by their boss they HAD to be at work while it was nearly impossible to get there. If there was a real emergency somewhere that first aid or the fire department had to get to, just send the few front loaders in front of the emergency crew and things would have worked out just the same, if it was an emergency that required the police, same deal... just seems like a lot of time and money wasted to move snow that will be gone soon enough anyhow.

FWIW - a plow didn't come down my street until early yesterday morning. It took a manhole cover with it that has been called in to the city - someone came and put a bigger cone in place over the little orange one my neighbor put beside the hole. I'll add the cost of missing manhole covers to the cleanup effort's cost as well.

Also, Santa UPS man did just deliver something to me... maybe my Christmas gift that LAPoliceGear couldn't seem to deliver since Black Friday. I'll never order from them again and I've been a loyal customer for years. This is the 3rd time I've waited well over a month for something they claim to have in stock. I had already cancelled half of this order because their website doesn't indicate something is out of stock and then when I call, I get told "maybe February", meanwhile, I get emails from them telling me about a great sale on the items I'm waiting for... which means anyone else who ordered thinking they were getting a great deal and a gift for Christmas was getting the shaft as well. La Police Gear is just a poorly run company with a terrible website and terrible customer service and this capitalist will be shopping elsewhere.

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