Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Random Observation of Semantics

I don't have the time to say too much on the topic of the "Bush tax cuts" but I wanted to share this (interesting to me) observation I had made while listening to the radio.

Republican speaking: "... $250 thousand dollars a year ..."
Democrat speaking: "... quarter million dollars a year ..."

It's an interesting and curious application of semantics. I bet plenty of people just hear "million" and think "rich" without even realizing the numbers are exactly the same, but that the two sides use different words for the same number says something about who and what their party believes.

Along these same lines, I read a headline in the APP, which is the Worst News Paper Ever, this weekend stating something the affect of "1 in 3 people have a flu shot". Consider this alternative "only 1/3rd of the people have a flu shot", or another one "2/3rds of the people don't have a flu shot". Again, all the same, and depending on your perspective and view of the issue, I'd bet the different words will change your reaction to the scoop.

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