Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christie on Tenure

With a hat-tip to our 2A friend, the extraordinarily knowledgeable, Tom at RadioFreeNJ.

My rough translation follows:

Teacher: your allegations that good teachers can not be let go. It is false.

Gov. Christie: bad teachers can not be let go

Teacher: bad teachers can be let go. I have seen it happen.

Gov Christie: Really?

Teacher: Yes I have and I take great offense at your comment. There are bad politicians I'd like to see let go.

Gov Christie: Good then go to the polls and vote.

Teacher: But that's ok too. My question to you...

Gov Christie: No it's no ok. It's not ok because bad politicians, you should vote them out too except you don't have to go through 5 years of legal fights, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get rid of bad politicians.

Gov Christie: The worst part of your statement is that you know it's true. you know that the rules are setup, the rules that are setup on tenure are to get people, and to get people fired are so onerous and so difficult that school leaders won't even try because it's too expensive, it's too onerous and it fails.

I have to say, as someone who way back in the day supported Lonegan in the primary for Governor, I'm certainly happy with the way things have turned out, and are continuing to turnout, with Chris Christie at the helm. The ship we call New Jersey didn't take on all of this water from one or two little pin-holes, and I for one certainly never expected Christie to even plug the holes, never mind pump out the water and save the ship, but he certainly seems to be going after the largest gaping holes, and making an honest effort to save the ship, and I certainly appreciate and like his style of addressing the issues and the people who spout such non-sense at him.

PS: I personally know it's not easy but can someone close to Chris Christie PLEASE help him to lose some weight for his own health and well-being? If someone close to him can't help, I extend this open offer to the Gov to come use my own *little* personal home gym to use any day of the week. Call me selfish, but I want to see good people like Chris Christie around for a long time doing the work for our party and that means living a healthy lifestyle, which again, I know isn't easy. As some of my readers know and others may not, I speak from experience here. WAY back in 1999/2000ish, while a full time student at Rutgers and a full time software engineer in a cube farm, I was, for lack of a more accurate term, a HUGE FAT ASS myself reaching a high weight of about 285lbs, mostly sitting around work, or school and eating fast food in between. It wasn't easy, but I changed my eating habits, started doing some exercise, and I lost over 100lbs and got to a low of 171lbs in about a year's time. Here in 2011, now celebrating 10 years of healthy living, I walk around reasonably fit and in shape at about 205lbs which is how you see me around today and how most people know and remember me. I'm not here to attack Christie for being overweight, I just wish he'd get on the right track for his own health so that he can continue to be a workhorse for our party for decades to come; it wouldn't hurt to be around and healthy for his wife and kids either. I'm no certified personal trainer, but again, you're welcome in my gym any time Mr. Christie and you've certainly won me over a supporter.

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