Monday, January 10, 2011

"Price of a Free Society"

My girlfriend and I listen to the Today show while we eat breakfast every morning. This clip aired live while we eating this morning and I actually stopped eating, went back on the DVR and confirmed that I heard correctly.

John Green, the father of 9 year old Christina Green who was murder by a lunatic this weekend in Arizona.

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Here is the text from the transcript of the video:
well, there's always been something special about Christina and, you know, the way she came into the world, on 9/11 and the way she left the world yesterday is obviously one that everybody else will remember. We're going to remember her for the nine years we had her and she was a beautiful, vibrant, young girl. It shouldn't happen in this country or anywhere else. But, you know, it's a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this. So I prefer this to the alternative.
In this heart breaking and tragic incident, that is an important message by a brave father with a great sense of perspective, and indeed, fitting with the tie-in to 9/11.

Since 9/11, we have sacrificed so many freedoms, ask anyone at the TSA or who has flown on an airplane about that. Here in New Jersey, we have "One Gun A Month" laws, but the crime report just released shows that gun crimes are up, not down.

Despite this tragedy, we should all refrain from sacrificing more freedoms and rights as we have done since 9/11 and instead, try to see the world from the perspective of John Green, that is, from the perspective that it is better to be free, than live in a totalitarian police state.

I have no children of my own, I can't begin to imagine the pain Mr. Green might be feeling, but my sympathies, for as best as I can understand his loss, are with him and his family and I for one appreciate his perspective and I do certainly wish that if anything good can possibly come from tragedy, it will be his message -- that we can not sacrifice our free society.

It might also serve as a reminder of these famous quotes
"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" -- Patrick Henry
"Live Free or Die" -- John Stark
"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" -- Ben Franklin

PS. Frank Lautenberg banning "hi-capacity" magazines, that the rest of us simply call "standard capacity" magazines will do nothing to make us safer, or allow us to enjoy more freedom. Frank Pallone will likely get behind Launtenberg and fail to understand, or even think about, the message John Green has delivered.


Chris said...

However, we can't let a good assassination go to waste, to paraphrase Rahm Emanuel

James Hogan said...

If that is indeed what Rahm Emanuel said, then it figures as he is a typical Chicago politician.

Repeating the usual talking point... Chicago has the ultimate goal of gun control advocates -- that is a complete gun ban, yet Chicago gun crimes continue to rage on at a rate higher than most other cities of it's size, including cities of it's size that do not have such strict/bans on gun ownership.

Despite the actions of a single lunatic, I'll still be sending a letter to our state legislators and Governor asking them to review and revoke, the not working, One Gun A Month law and urge them to instead try going to other direction, as in a law allowing concealed carry permits to qualified individuals, and plan to review the results of that change in law on crime two years in.