Monday, January 17, 2011

Resurrecting an Old Entry

I normally wouldn't read or publish an anonymous comment but clearly this is a somewhat reasonable response from someone who appears to know something, or rather wants to believe somethings that they've heard.

Let me first say that time after time, event after event, and town after town and street after street, I see the same two, maybe three or four, dozen folks working hard for the party, that's it. As I've said before, if hundreds or thousands of people are actively working to destroy the party and our nation, they are doing it without me because I just haven't see the guys in dark suits and glasses in back rooms. I'll also note that I have yet to see or meet Diane Gooch at an event that I've attended -- in fairness, some elected people I purposely ignore and don't bother trying to say hello to and then I avoid them when they approach; but I can at least confirm that I saw them in attendance. I can also state that Mrs. Gooch hasn't made any threats to me or anyone I know or at least no one I personally know has told me first hand of such threats and so I leave it to you to tell me exactly which events she may have actually attended to conduct her thuggery so that I can avoid such events in the future.

So let me try to address your concerns as best I can from my perspective.

1) "I bought my shot". In complete honesty, I just don't care. In 2004 Sylvester ran, no one cared. I didn't get involved to make a difference at that point in my life but for today, let's just say "whos that??". In 2006, LeAnn ran - I like LeAnn and did my small part locally to try to help her -- she was an averagenoone with no chance but she cared and wanted to run, good for her, but really, she was keeping the slot full because no one else cared about what Pallone was doing and was willing to put their name on the ballot next to his. In 2008, it was clear that Bob McLeod would have the nomination and in my opinion, he didn't care so much and was just filling the hole in the ballot. I ran because Pallone is a terrible representative and no one in the party seemed to care or be trying to do something about it or even run a good candidate. I got to know Bob a small bit and I really like the guy and he's far more reasonable and rational that I had given him credit for, but he did nothing, not a thing, to even try to win the Congressional race or try to get people talking about how bad Pallone was for NJ and our nation and I'll stand by what I've said -- bad candidate for Congress.

So if in 2010, Gooch really cared so much to run that she was willing/claiming that she'd self-fund and she's fighting to get the party line, GOOD. It's better than the horseshit candidates we've had in years past. At least the ballot wouldn't have had a name just to have a name like we had in previous years.

2) Re: Threats. No I didn't know this. Did you report this to the proper election law authorities? I'm not 100% sure who that would be but certainly I'll be glad to find out and help you along if there is any evidence of such campaign donations being forced on people, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to to ask someone to make anything other than a voluntary donation. Further, again, I generally see the same people over and over again -- none of them have ever mentioned that they were forced to give a donation or forced to nominate Gooch. I know of at least one person who tried to nominate Little, and this person is still an active and very well liked member of the party that I see time and time again. I can also say that no one ever approached me and/or has ever tried to force me to make a donation or vote for anyone, if they do, I'll certainly blast them here and on the streets of Long Branch for it. Now it could be because I'm such a nice guy, and I'm a poor slob from Long Branch, or it could be because it just doesn't happen the way you describe, I can't be sure which.

Regarding yearly contributors -- money contributors don't nominate candidates the chairman/committee does and again, I still see the same folks over and over again, I don't think too many have disappeared for doing anything to aid Mrs. Little and if the committee members/chairs are the problem, it seems like many committee seats are empty, otehrs get filled with one or two votes, get on the committee. And for that matter, I worked my own local district for Little in the primary and my local district swung 70% to 30% in favor of Anna Little, no one has kicked me out of the party, yet -- but I'm sure it's coming so I'll pack my bags and thank the locals later today.I worked my district and neighboring districts for all of the R candidates in the general election, Gooch and her supporters haven't threatened me, yet. If they do, again, I'll gladly report here and around town. I'll continue to support the candidates that I think are the good candidates in the primary and then support the R candidates in the general election. It is possible that I'll happen to think the party line was given to the better candidate in the future and I'll be supporting the line or I may support an off the line candidate, time will tell.

3) More money for a congressional campaign would be great, Gooch (claimed) to have more money, did you vote for her just because she had more money? I bet a lot of people did, and if you believe money was the answer to getting rid of Pallone, don't be mad at other people who agreed with you and voted for Gooch, because she had money.

I donated my few $s, and I do mean a few ($50 or so) to Mrs. Little's campaign and then I spent my own money to campaign for her and the other candidates in Long Branch because despite my donations there was little to no active campaigning happening (by any of the candidates) in Long Branch. Little eventually came to town with the Tea Party Oct 30, planted signs everywhere, knocked on U doors and then Rs I spoke to told me "the candidate doesn't even campaign here!" and the local voters were right -- Little and her campaign never contacted most of the Rs and at least here in Long Branch, the other committee people are useless and didn't contact the Rs for her.

Further, Mrs. Little had a full staff of people to work for her and do her fundraising, I think they did a great job dealing with the cards they were dealt and they did a reasonable job of raising funds for a candidate in a district where the incumbent was expected to win. And of course Pallone had more money, he's been in office for 22+ years building up that war chest; it would be foolish to think any Republican candidate who isn't a self-made millionaire willing to spend their own millions could somehow raise $4 million to compete. If more money was the answer, Gooch was the answer. I wasn't going to vote for Gooch in a primary for her 2A position alone, but truth be told, it was clear then that the candidate with a real best shot to win, because more money PROBABLY would have done the trick, was probably Gooch.

4) As for 2012 -- I'll say this much, I sure hope that come primary time, we have at least one candidate who WANTS to run and WANTS to win and WANTS to do the door knocking and fundraising and WANTS to take on Pallone and his war chest and his friends at the APP because that would be much better than having another Bellow/McLeod/etc to just fill the ballot and make no honest effort to win. If we have another noone on the ballot in 2012, you'll be as mad as I was back in 2008, maybe you'll try to run for office and get involved to make a difference.

5) You call it sucking up to the chairman, I call it acknowledging that maybe I had it wrong and the people I keep seeing over and over again aren't so bad -- if you haven't, and based on the accusations, I'm not sure you have, I surely suggest that you get involved and find out for yourself if such things you've suggested really happen the way you perceive them to happen. Again, from what I can see, and from what I know, they haven't happened, yet. Could I be wrong? Sure, I've been wrong once or twice in my life, but it doesn't change the fact that the same people you are accusing of being such terrible people seem to be the same people who do the real work for the party and it's candidates and those are the same people I see over and over and none of them have ever indicated to me that are being forced to volunteer for the party or any candidates.

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Thats Right said...

"Little and her campaign never contacted most of the Rs..."

Jim, that is demonstrably false and I can prove it if you'd like. Anyone who told you that either didn't pick up the phone or is lying. Every single registered Republican in Long Branch was contacted by phone, most more than once. If the contact information was outdated or wrong, which I admit is certainly possible, that's the only way they weren't.

If that's the case, I blame voter vault or the voters themselves for not updating their information. But it most certainly is not the case that we didn't make the call.

Other than that, interesting little debate you have here. If I can offer a word of blog advice, make a point to engage comments like that on a regular basis. Makes for some interesting reading and a potentially burgeoning story if the commenter in fact turns out to know what they're talking about.

I hope "Guess" comes back for round 2.