Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's Battle Damage Report & More People Are Cowards

As noted in the past, I always shovel my driveway and sidewalk and do the same for my older neighbor. But this morning was different since the neighbor purchased a 13.5HP 30" snowblowing monster after the last storm with the agreement that I'd put the gas in it and operate it and he'd store it in his big, oversized garage. Unfortunately, by the time I got outside this morning, the neighbor's wife's sister had already managed to get her big ol' RWD Mercury giant of a car stuck side ways in the middle of the driveway blocking the lower half from the top half and the wife was apparently going to be late for a doctor's appointment so my plan to not shovel was foiled as I had to dig the Mercury out, then snow blow around it. For the record, I am certainly happy with the availability of that snow blower in my own old age so I cleaned up the neighbor's driveway, my driveway, then did two other neighbor's walkways, quick and painless and I did the other two neighbor's walkways without being asked or begged, and not because I had to, but simply because it seems to Right Thing to Do.... which leads me to a follow up of People Are Cowards.

So I hit the shower, eat my breakfast, drop my girlfriend off at work and am making my way to work and just as I'm coming down Rt35S in front of the Monmouth Mall, a man (maybe mid-late 20s) in a big old school Cadillac T-boned a younger gal (maybe around the same age) in her little Saab 9.3 Sports Sedan at the intersection in front of the White Castle over there. The six cars in front of me, all driven by Cowards, just continued on their merry way as if nothing had just happened in front of them. The lines of cars on the jug handles coming to/from the Mall, also driven by Cowards, remained in line at the red light and none thought to get out of their cars to offer some assistance. Once the light turned green, those Cowards drove on by as well.

Needless to say, trying to Do The Right Thing, I turned the hazard lights on, stopped (in a travel lane because the shoulder wasn't plowed) and ran over to check on the two drivers and try to help. The man didn't have a cell phone and hadn't called for help, or to tell a friend. He had a bloody nose that looked broken to me but I'm not doctor (in fact if I could share the things in life I'm afraid of it's needles and blood) and he was coherent and walking and generally seemed fine although he didn't seem interested in standing off to the side of the road and insisted on wondering through the intersection. I tried to talk him over to the side of the road but he was having none of it and I wasn't going to stand in the middle of the highway while Cowards sped by. So I ran over the Saab and the girl had just stumbled out of her car, airbags all deployed, side smashed in. She had some cuts on her face but otherwise seemed to be ok and was on the phone with her mother, but also didn't call the police/first aid. So I called 911 from my phone, gave the location, quick description of the people and injuries and the 911 operator thanked me and hung up. I grabbed the phone from the hysterical girl who was still talking to her mother to let the mother know that the girl seemed ok but the car was trashed and po-lease were on their way. Seconds later the Eatontown Police were on the scene (have to say, they were fast and showed up in numbers). I reminded the young girl to be polite and courteous to the officers and that cursing at them the way she was at me wasn't going to help her cause at this point. Once the officer got to her I just let another officer know I didn't witness the accident first hand, I was the one who called it in and I was the one blocking a lane of traffic and the (not so friendly) officer just told me "ok, you can just go". Well you're welcome and off to work and on with my day I went... which is what all of you other Cowards who all drove past had done.....

As noted last time I called everyone else in the world a Coward...

So don't be mad at me for calling you a coward, be mad at yourselves for being cowards, and maybe next time you see someone trying to Do The Right Thing, maybe a good start would be to help out and not just stand around, being a coward.

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