Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulling a run against Sean Kean... in the General Election!

By James P. Hogan (As sent in a Letter to Chairman Victor V. Scudiery and the APP)

I'm a Republican. And I’ve decided to seriously run against Senator Sean Kean by first running in the Democratic primary.

Why not? I’d love to see what that forbidden land looks like. Like when this blog sent me to ?Howell Township to enjoy some open space. Running as a Democrat would be one hell of a expedition. I think it would be a blast.

Here’s my favorite angle to the Kean vs. Hogan story: If the contest were based solely on economic issues, he’d beat me in a Republican primary. And I’d lose him in a Democratic contest. I’m not kidding! It’s pretty wild.

For years, I’ve criticized the Democratic Party for being clueless on economic policy. Becoming a subsidiary of the unions destroyed us. We lost our independence, and the ability to shrink the government and reduce taxes when needed. That’s why angry Democrats write in calling me a Republican.

Conflicts with big labor predate my software-engineering career. I served 4 years in a public school in an Abbott District over 10 years ago. In my final year, I told the teachers that they should be tested for a sense of reality. That didn’t go over well. They endorsed my therapist's recommendations. And when I lost my mind in 2001, a local teacher's union ridiculed me for not having great health benefits at 1.5% of my inflated salary. Many in that union were angry because I refused to support a bloated school budget that overpaid them.

Now contrast that with Republican Sean Kean. Last week, Kean's biggest concern was addressing gang violence. Some of my best friends are reputable gang members! With that legislation, Sean will remove the ability of some of my voting base, who support me and the Democratic party. That was enough.

So why have I stayed registered as a Republican? Because I don’t want to live in an atheist world. That’s what the liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party represents - and they’re as powerful in the Democratic party as the unicorns in the Republicans Party. I just don’t like unicorns. While Democratic politicians claim they want to support the little guy, many will happily spend your tax money on taking away your boat or RV. Or tell a huge chunk of our population that their second amendment right doesn't exist.

Sean Kean’s vote against same-sex marriage last year is what really pissed me off. That’s what got me. It was a reasonable and rational vote based on the population that he represents. What non-sense. How dare he not cater to three voters in his district and ignore thousands of others? He's a poo-poo-head! Period.

But back to my kamikaze Democratic candidacy. Let’s get it all out. Over the years, I’ve also derided the Democratic Party as being totally unreasonable gay advocates and anti-gun nuts. With pro-choicers I’ve been more gentle (at least as far as I can remember). Because they’re motivated by promoting prositution. I just think the issue hurts our local escort industry. It’s between a woman and her pimp.

(And anti-gun nuts open fire! I would ignore that New Jersey has strict gun laws. Every cop I know tells me that criminals don't obey gun laws. But it makes more sense to promote anti-gun legislation and thus support gang violence and shootings to promote my agenda. So shoot away! I’m not running for federal office, but I'll pretend I can change the gun laws. Nor am I running for state Senate in Illinois. If I were, I wouldn't be wearing a bullet-proof vest right now because guns and gun crimes are illegal there.)

OK, so here’s my political situation:

I can never run again as a Republican. The leadership and I have a good 2 year history but I'd have to actually work hard and then be held accountable for my votes. Sorry, I just love repeating this, Democrats don't care if I waste money and promote gang violence.

Sure, I could run as an Independent in the general election but voters would ignore me. They ignore me already. It would be no fun and a waste of time. Plus, People care about the government wasting their money.

Yup, a kamikaze run in the Democratic primary as the most unconventional of insurgents makes sense. And by using the word "insurgent", I can align myself with "rebels" and maybe Obama will send me free guns (and he doesn't understand the debate about gun control, foreign policy and the dangers of foreign interventions.) which I can then ship to Mexico for a profit.

Could I win? Hell No!

But me running in a Democratic primary is nutty. I mean, this is crazy. I could actually be the only candidate that the Democratics even find who is willing to lose to Sean.

Help! Someone please stop me! Stop me, please! Stop me before I run again….as a Democrat!!

Anna Little's Campaign Still fund raising?

I'm on lunch break, from work. But if I didn't have to work I'd really like to just spend my days campaigning for lower sales taxes, lower property taxes, elimination of the progressive income tax, elimination of liberal and wasteful government run programs like Obama-care and planned parenthood, elimination of gun control laws that don't prevent any crimes, maybe advocate for a lower voting age, advocate for changes to our school funding formulas and ciriculums, etc. Unfortunately, despite my good intentions and enthusiasm, I have to work a real job so that I can afford to pay for a house, a car, my own dog, my property taxes, etc and I've had to leave my well-intentioned dreams of changing the world for the better to the professionals.

Anyway, maybe unrelated to my silly story, I received the below email from Larry Cirignano who is/was Anna Little's campaign manager. I've never really spoken to Larry, not sure where/how he got my email address or why he thinks I've earned enough money in my day job to pay for Anna Little to skip work and go campaign. I really do like Anna Little as a person and I really do admire her work and dedication to spreading her message, but I have to think that MAYBE if "Anna does not have a lot of personal financial wealth" she should be focusing more on her employment/income and less on her campaign? I do hear rumor of a $250 event to go hear her sing at her house and I do also hear a rumor that maybe there are unpaid tabs at certain establishments and also rumors of campaign staffers who were never paid/reimbursed for some expenses, but they are all rumors and I have no proof or evidence of such things. Again, I like Anna Little and think she says the right things, at least at my 80% of the time expectation, I'm just not sure she DOES the right things, or has people around her doing the right things, at my expectation level. Lucky for her, my expectations and opinion don't mean much. :-)

from Larry Cirignano
to Larry Cirignano
date Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 6:14 PM
subject Can you help Anna Little with a FRIEND raiser?

As a member of Anna's Army I would like to enlist your support for Anna.

We need you to re-enlist.

Anna does not have a lot of personal financial wealth. She isn't going to buy her seat in Congress.

What she does have is a lot of energy, a stick to it personality and a no nonsense approach to fixing New Jersey and the Nation.

And Anna has YOU.

We need to show people that what Anna doesn't have in BIG donors she can make up for with lots of "Little" donors.

March 31st is a deadline for reporting how much Anna has raised for the first part of this year.

MORE important is that we show how MANY donors she has.

We need to show that we have lots of "LITTLE" donors.

Can you:

Re-enlist and send $5, $10 or more for the campaign? Frank Pallone started fundraising the day after the election.

Visit Anna's Facebook Page and ask your friends to sign up. We need to build her list of friends.

Larry Cirignano

PS Please make a donation on Anna Little's web site every "Little" bit helps

If you could please take a minute and share Anna's Facebook page with your friends on Facebook.

Larry Cirignano

Without God I can't;without me God won't. St Augustine.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christie cutting wasteful spending in Long Branch!

In case anyone didn't see the news this morning:
Gov. Chris Christie vetoed $45,700 in budgeted spending in the Long Branch Urban Enterprise Zone budget, calling the expenses "unnecessary."

The veto was for expenses related to marketing the city with promotional items like keychains and calendars.
“Such expenditures contradict my stated goals of fiscal prudence and are not critical to furthering the goals of the Long Branch Project,” Christie wrote in his veto letter. “For these reasons, I am compelled to veto the action which approved the Long Branch UEZ Marketing and Business Development Project 2011.”
The governor vetoed the following expenses:
• $14,000 for promotional items at “conventions, expositions and conferences,” including such things as pads, pens, notebooks, flashlights, key chains, tee shirts, letter openers, sanitizer, Frisbees and other promotional items
• $15,750 for “videography services” for recording “major car shows, cruise nights and concerts"
• $15,000 for the “layout, production, printing, mailing and postage of a “UEZ City Calendar”
• $700 for “refreshments such as donuts and coffee”
• $250 committed to “travel,” for unspecified individuals, to include “tolls, parking and gas”

Just for the record, I do believe that my Republican vice-chair (yes, we have one... really... no you've probably never met her and I suspect you never will either) is employed by the City of Long Branch and responsible for finances of the Long Branch UEZ. Curious; hopefully my fellow Long Branch Republican isn't spending wastefully.

Thank you for paying attention here Governor! BTW - our property tax increase looks to be closer to 4% than 2%. After exchanging some emails with her, I have faith that my other fellow Republican Committeewoman, and Long Branch Council member - Joy Bastelli, is working through the budget and looking for additional cuts to keep the property tax increases to a minimum.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Freeholder Candidates... And me!

Our Freeholder candidates Lillian Burry and Gary Rich, with me, an Average No One....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pictures from Japan

These pictures were sent to me from a co-worker who got them from another co-worker who got them from one of our clients over in Japan. Very sad.

You'll have to browse the pictures on your own, I didn't thumbnail them or make a nice gallery because I'm lazy and busy at work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our system stinks, and your 6th Amendment Right doesn't exist

So much for a speedy trial.... it's been 6 years. And the first trial was already declared to be not "fair". And my friend, a good, hard working, well educated father and husband was sentenced to 50 years in jail for allegedly murdering his wife, while an admitted and known gang member with real eye witnesses to testify against him gets 10 years for murdering a 16 year old. Meanwhile, the dopes who comment at the APP website are already explaining how the rich people, like George, get away with everything because they own the system. Maybe they've never been imprisoned and accused a crime that they maintain their innocence in while the state holds a trial that is deemed "unfair", after a not so speedy 3 years behind bars just waiting for said sham of a trial to be held, and the fact remains that all of the money these people THINK that George had/has can't help him deal with a broken, slow and unfair judicial system.

Our system stinks, and your 6th Amendment Right doesn't exist.

PS - In case you're new here and wondering what I'm talking about, George Calleia was my workout partner/lifting buddy for a year or so back before October 2005. start here if you care. George is innocent until proven guilty and until he is proven guilty in a fair trial, he remains my friend and I believe he is innocent of all charges against him. It is incredibly sad that he has spent so much time behind bars waiting for a fair trial while lawyers suck up his money and his daughter grows up without him. I wrote back in June 2008 that I was glad things were over and I could move on -- the sad truth is that all of these years later, it's still not over. "Fair and speedy" is how they taught it in school.... Oh by they way, his bail is $3M... there is an 8th Amendment for that too but who's keeping track of all of these silly little amendment anyway....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Elephants in the Room not talking about the Elephants in the Room

I do my best to be fair, honest and accurate, even when if it'll cost me a friendly smile and hello from an otherwise friendly and familiar face, which is why I'd like to point out that some Elephants (Republicans) in the room at last night's Ocean Township Freeholder Candidate Forum didn't seem very interested, enthusiastic or concerned with seriously talking about some of the "Elephants In the Room".

For me those Elephants, in no particular are:
1) The cost of public schools, especially in Monmouth County's Abbott districts
2) firm Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion stances
3) firm opposition to NJ's confusing, backwards and not working Gun Laws

Bob Walsh, Howell Mayor and Freeholder Candidate, spoke of his township's budget, his big ol' town that is the second largest municipality in Monmouth County with 53,000 people and 62(or 64) sq miles, 400+ miles of roadway, some huge parks covering 110 acres with 20 soccer fields and 5 softball fields (and I've taken my dog over to another huge park with 4 or 5 baseball fields and a hockey rink)... and his township's budget is a "mere" $44 million. So I ask Bob, I say something along the lines of "Bob, you have a budget of $44M for above figures, what can the county do, or what should be done, to address the problem that Asbury Park, with 4000 or so students has a school budget of $96M, more than double your entire town! Or Long Branch with a school budget of $88M, double your entire town? Yet the County has schools like CHS and High Tech high that provide a great education at a much lower cost?" I had high expectations, or at least hoped that Bob would give some thought to the question and try to come up with a great answer. I like Bob - I wrote about him before and suggested he has a Christie quality to him, it showed in his response to me which was "Elect more Republicans!". Umm, ok Bob, I try to do that - and cute Christie like response that made some people giggle - but now I'm asking you, a Republican, what you could do about it? Fine, I'd elect a Republican, and then what, they deflect the answer too? I have to admit, Bob tells a great story, he's a likable guy and I really like him, but the Elephants in the Room have to think and talk about the Elephants in the room. We're pinching for $3 million of $469m on the ENTIRE county budget while we're spending $96M in one LITTLE town, and Bob didn't seem to want to really think about the question and think about a real solution to our school budgets or try seriously address the issue, I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but I expected different. And I get it, it's a state/supreme court issue that a Freeholder MAYBE can't really do anything about, but someone has to start talking, rally the locals, do something, or we're all just ignoring the Elephant in the Room that is sucking money from all of our pockets faster than we can earn it.

The second Elephant in the Room was 2A Rights/Right To Life which I'll combine since I asked them as a two part question. I'd hope that my own personal ad in the Lincoln Day Ad Book makes my own position undoubtedly and obviously clear on 2A rights. I asked George Newberry the questions a month or more ago and he gave me an honest, immediate and very positive answer on where he stands and he stands where Republican voters expect the Republican party to be. So I asked the same question to both Gary Rich and Andrew Lucas last night, along the lines of "Where do you stand or will you make a statement on your beliefs in the Right To Life? And are you a current NRA or GOA member? Where do you stand on 2A rights?"; I asked Gary first. Gary took a pause, a long pause, as if I was asking some difficult and shocking question. Maybe others didn't perceive the pause as being as long as I did, but I hoped for and expected a response to such a simple question to be like a natural reflex. Gary simply said he was pro-life and then Gary said something about firearms, I don't know what, he seems to know firearms exist, I don't think he understands that people (like me) actually have a real concern for our rights and expect Republicans to stand with us. Based on his answer, I guess he opposes NJ's restrictive and seemingly unconstitutional gun laws and stands with gun-owners, but the answer didn't seem clear and confident, I don't think Gary has ever been to a shooting range or otherwise seem a firearm aside from being presented as some evil weapon on TV, like most Jersians. I asked Lucas the same basic question. Andrew addressed the firearms half first simply saying he has respect for firearms having grown up on a farm where coyotes still roam and attack the livestock; he didn't explicitly say anything about the confusing maze of laws and regulations, lack of carry permits, one gun a month, etc, I'm not totally sure where he stands but I think he at least understands its a real issue. Lucas then told a very funny story about the birth of his child and confidently stated his is pro-life, which would make several local voters very happy to go vote for him.

I said it last night and prefaced my questions with it -- I know these aren't necessary issues that Freeholders have an immediate say over, but for me and many Republican voters who I can count on to vote in every primary, these are benchmark issues and SOME voters care about these issues as some gauge of Republicans who are asking for their vote. Overall, I still think we have four very capable, very qualified, very intelligent Freeholder candidates and I like what all of them have to say, I just wish a few would stop ignoring the Elephant in the Room.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

On Private Property Rights

The below was submitted, and picked up, by the NeptuneMatters Blog. Again, I'm not a huge fan or supporter of anonymous bloggers, but the guy/girl/group over there seem to be doing a reasonable job of talking about their town's issue and clearly are paying attention at their city hall meetings and following township (Naptune) matters, something more should do. My submission was regarding their Boat & RV issue, but more on private property rights and you can read on the neptune matters site here, or I'll copy/paste below, all just my $0.02, I'm no lawyer or expert in property laws nor do I know about a "master plan", etc to take it for what it's worth, the ramblings of an averagenonone...

It has been with great interest that I’ve followed the Boat & RV ordinance issue in Neptune, not because I live in Neptune and not because I own a boat or an RV, but because I, like you, simply own private property; or private property that I at least want to believe is my own, for my own uses and needs. It’s private property which I legally and fairly purchased, in accordance with the law, from a previous private property owner and private property that I pay (significant) property taxes to inhabit and own. More importantly, it is my private property that I use to store my other privately owned possessions like my legally licensed and legally registered automobiles, at a fee to the Sate, and private property where I house my legally licensed and registered pet, for a fee to the City of Long Branch, and where I store all of my other private possessions, that I paid a 7% sales tax to the State to own.

My private property is, or should be, mine and your private property is, or should be, yours and you and I should have no fears that that a local government can dictate how we use our property so long as our use doesn’t impede on our neighbor’s use of their own private property, or the public’s right of way.

True, we need to be realistic about your private property rights, For example, I can be convinced, easily, that your car shouldn’t stick out of your driveway and block the side walk because I don’t want to walk in the street to get around your bumper, just as I can be convinced that you shouldn’t build a cell tower, that casts a shadow on my garden two blocks away, in your yard nor should you play Pink Floyd music so loud at 2am that you break my windows and wake me up, not that I’m opposed to waking up to Pink Floyd’s music of course.

But the Boat & RV ordinance being pushed by Neptune Democrats caught my interest because it goes beyond such reasonable limits of private property regulations and laws. It essentially tells boat & RV owners that their other private property, for which the State permits and collects a fee and the Federal government regulates and permits on its roadways and in it's waters, is not wanted in Neptune. Just for a second as something to think about, replace “Boats and RV” with “Tomato plants” and imagine if the township said “you can’t plant a tomato within 10ft of your property line” and you can begin to understand the dangerous and invasive road Neptune is headed down.

Why “only” a 10 ft setback on tomato plants? Why not a 15 feet setback? Really, why permit people to keep boats and RVs, or tomato plants, on their property at all? You think your RV looks great and it’s a hobby you enjoy; and I think my tomato plants look and taste great, but my neighbor thinks my plants attract bugs and rodents and are thus an eyesore. Before you know it, the law becomes “your dog is too close to my property line and the smell of an apple pie cooling in your window triggered my allergies so all should be regulated, to better my quality of life,” so to hell with your enjoyment of life. What’s happening in Neptune to boat and RV owners is indeed that dangerous slippery slope where how you use your private property becomes a circumstance of mob-mentality; and Niemoller would deliver his famous statement as “First they came for the boat & RV owners….”. If you own private property, you should be concerned.

But what’s happening in Neptune Township should also alarm everyone across the State for other reasons as well. Not only is this going to set a terrible precedent for private property rights, but it has the potential to really damage the State’s revenue stream that comes from registration and licensing of boats and RVs as well, not to mention potentially removing the license and permit fees collected for the seemingly related fishing hobby. In Neptune Township's selfish quest to rule your private property and get your boat stored in their marina, many boat and RV owners may be forced to sell their private property simply because they can’t use their private property for their own private needs.

Potential new owners might opt to buy into some other hobby and the State’s revenue will slip away. Having lived in this state long enough to recognize that if revenue slips in some area, it just, traditionally, means more new taxes or fees in some other area to make up for the loss. Such has been life in Jersey.

The Neptune Democrats who are pushing this invasive ordinance are the same people who claimed in the past election to stand for the middle-class working families in Neptune, yet they will regulate ownership of private property (boats and RVs) to those wealthy folks who own significantly large pieces of land, or the wealthy folks who can afford to store their private property on someone else’s larger property or the wealthy folks who can pay and laugh off the fines and court fees, while leaving the majority of people in Neptune, who are typical, average income, middle-class private property owners with 50x50 lots, no place to store their own private property. So much for sticking up for the poor, as I saw a few boats in the mid-town area. Don’t think boat and RV owners only live in Shark River Hills, they live all across the Township and would seem to have varying levels of income and own varying sizes of property. Not to mention, Neptune Democrats will cut off a much needed State government revenue stream at a time when that revenue is much needed and because the revenue generated by those few boat & RV owners will need to be collected in some other way, which probably means higher local property taxes, on the middle-class guy who never owned a boat or RV, or paid a fee to license and register one, to begin with.

It’s easy to sit back and do nothing if you don’t own a boat or RV, believe that the issue doesn’t affect you, but I urge all of you Neptunians who care about your private property rights, and/or your property taxes, to stand up to the Neptune Democrats and fight back against this ordinance. You not only would be helping yourselves, but you would be helping middle-class private property owners across the state to retain their private property rights, and keep their property taxes a little lower, not to mention reminding governments that private property owners have rights, and will fight for their rights.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kudos to some Non-Cowards

Normally, I make a point to call out COWARDS so today I thank and congratulate some fellow non-cowards (not heros, just non-cowards) for saving a life and Doing The Right Thing. The Worst News Paper Ever writes the story as "4 men pull Beachwood man from burning car on Parkway"; the tragedy of the story is:
Matthew Graichen, 27, of Surf Avenue in Beachwood, apparently lost consciousness and crashed his vehicle in the wooded area near milepost 88.2 off the northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway around 12:39 p.m. Tuesday, according to Capt. Frank Davis, a State Police spokesman.

From the story:

Belleville Deputy Police Chief John Mailot, a Toms River resident, and another unidentified man were the first two on the scene, Mailot said. The two men called 911 and then attempted to get Graichen out of the burning vehicle, Mailot said.
Richard J. Clifton Jr. of Toms River, a lieutenant with the Berkeley Township Underwater Search and Rescue Squad was headed north on the Garden State Parkway when he came upon the scene, he said.
Clifton and a fourth unidentified man joined Mailot and the other man to pull Graichen from the burning vehicle just before the vehicle was engulfed in flames, Mailot and Clifton said.
Kudos, non-cowards, and thanks.

Take note the rest of you cowards, who I'm sure number in the hundreds, and I'm sure were too worried about being 5 minutes late to your non-sense minimum wage jobs in some awful office with bad fabric cube walls, and bad florescent lights, to stop and help save a life. Do The Right Thing.