Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anna Little's Campaign Still fund raising?

I'm on lunch break, from work. But if I didn't have to work I'd really like to just spend my days campaigning for lower sales taxes, lower property taxes, elimination of the progressive income tax, elimination of liberal and wasteful government run programs like Obama-care and planned parenthood, elimination of gun control laws that don't prevent any crimes, maybe advocate for a lower voting age, advocate for changes to our school funding formulas and ciriculums, etc. Unfortunately, despite my good intentions and enthusiasm, I have to work a real job so that I can afford to pay for a house, a car, my own dog, my property taxes, etc and I've had to leave my well-intentioned dreams of changing the world for the better to the professionals.

Anyway, maybe unrelated to my silly story, I received the below email from Larry Cirignano who is/was Anna Little's campaign manager. I've never really spoken to Larry, not sure where/how he got my email address or why he thinks I've earned enough money in my day job to pay for Anna Little to skip work and go campaign. I really do like Anna Little as a person and I really do admire her work and dedication to spreading her message, but I have to think that MAYBE if "Anna does not have a lot of personal financial wealth" she should be focusing more on her employment/income and less on her campaign? I do hear rumor of a $250 event to go hear her sing at her house and I do also hear a rumor that maybe there are unpaid tabs at certain establishments and also rumors of campaign staffers who were never paid/reimbursed for some expenses, but they are all rumors and I have no proof or evidence of such things. Again, I like Anna Little and think she says the right things, at least at my 80% of the time expectation, I'm just not sure she DOES the right things, or has people around her doing the right things, at my expectation level. Lucky for her, my expectations and opinion don't mean much. :-)

from Larry Cirignano
to Larry Cirignano
date Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 6:14 PM
subject Can you help Anna Little with a FRIEND raiser?

As a member of Anna's Army I would like to enlist your support for Anna.

We need you to re-enlist.

Anna does not have a lot of personal financial wealth. She isn't going to buy her seat in Congress.

What she does have is a lot of energy, a stick to it personality and a no nonsense approach to fixing New Jersey and the Nation.

And Anna has YOU.

We need to show people that what Anna doesn't have in BIG donors she can make up for with lots of "Little" donors.

March 31st is a deadline for reporting how much Anna has raised for the first part of this year.

MORE important is that we show how MANY donors she has.

We need to show that we have lots of "LITTLE" donors.

Can you:

Re-enlist and send $5, $10 or more for the campaign? Frank Pallone started fundraising the day after the election.

Visit Anna's Facebook Page and ask your friends to sign up. We need to build her list of friends.

Larry Cirignano

PS Please make a donation on Anna Little's web site every "Little" bit helps

If you could please take a minute and share Anna's Facebook page with your friends on Facebook.

Larry Cirignano

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