Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kudos to some Non-Cowards

Normally, I make a point to call out COWARDS so today I thank and congratulate some fellow non-cowards (not heros, just non-cowards) for saving a life and Doing The Right Thing. The Worst News Paper Ever writes the story as "4 men pull Beachwood man from burning car on Parkway"; the tragedy of the story is:
Matthew Graichen, 27, of Surf Avenue in Beachwood, apparently lost consciousness and crashed his vehicle in the wooded area near milepost 88.2 off the northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway around 12:39 p.m. Tuesday, according to Capt. Frank Davis, a State Police spokesman.

From the story:

Belleville Deputy Police Chief John Mailot, a Toms River resident, and another unidentified man were the first two on the scene, Mailot said. The two men called 911 and then attempted to get Graichen out of the burning vehicle, Mailot said.
Richard J. Clifton Jr. of Toms River, a lieutenant with the Berkeley Township Underwater Search and Rescue Squad was headed north on the Garden State Parkway when he came upon the scene, he said.
Clifton and a fourth unidentified man joined Mailot and the other man to pull Graichen from the burning vehicle just before the vehicle was engulfed in flames, Mailot and Clifton said.
Kudos, non-cowards, and thanks.

Take note the rest of you cowards, who I'm sure number in the hundreds, and I'm sure were too worried about being 5 minutes late to your non-sense minimum wage jobs in some awful office with bad fabric cube walls, and bad florescent lights, to stop and help save a life. Do The Right Thing.

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