Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mulling a run against Sean Kean... in the General Election!

By James P. Hogan (As sent in a Letter to Chairman Victor V. Scudiery and the APP)

I'm a Republican. And I’ve decided to seriously run against Senator Sean Kean by first running in the Democratic primary.

Why not? I’d love to see what that forbidden land looks like. Like when this blog sent me to ?Howell Township to enjoy some open space. Running as a Democrat would be one hell of a expedition. I think it would be a blast.

Here’s my favorite angle to the Kean vs. Hogan story: If the contest were based solely on economic issues, he’d beat me in a Republican primary. And I’d lose him in a Democratic contest. I’m not kidding! It’s pretty wild.

For years, I’ve criticized the Democratic Party for being clueless on economic policy. Becoming a subsidiary of the unions destroyed us. We lost our independence, and the ability to shrink the government and reduce taxes when needed. That’s why angry Democrats write in calling me a Republican.

Conflicts with big labor predate my software-engineering career. I served 4 years in a public school in an Abbott District over 10 years ago. In my final year, I told the teachers that they should be tested for a sense of reality. That didn’t go over well. They endorsed my therapist's recommendations. And when I lost my mind in 2001, a local teacher's union ridiculed me for not having great health benefits at 1.5% of my inflated salary. Many in that union were angry because I refused to support a bloated school budget that overpaid them.

Now contrast that with Republican Sean Kean. Last week, Kean's biggest concern was addressing gang violence. Some of my best friends are reputable gang members! With that legislation, Sean will remove the ability of some of my voting base, who support me and the Democratic party. That was enough.

So why have I stayed registered as a Republican? Because I don’t want to live in an atheist world. That’s what the liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party represents - and they’re as powerful in the Democratic party as the unicorns in the Republicans Party. I just don’t like unicorns. While Democratic politicians claim they want to support the little guy, many will happily spend your tax money on taking away your boat or RV. Or tell a huge chunk of our population that their second amendment right doesn't exist.

Sean Kean’s vote against same-sex marriage last year is what really pissed me off. That’s what got me. It was a reasonable and rational vote based on the population that he represents. What non-sense. How dare he not cater to three voters in his district and ignore thousands of others? He's a poo-poo-head! Period.

But back to my kamikaze Democratic candidacy. Let’s get it all out. Over the years, I’ve also derided the Democratic Party as being totally unreasonable gay advocates and anti-gun nuts. With pro-choicers I’ve been more gentle (at least as far as I can remember). Because they’re motivated by promoting prositution. I just think the issue hurts our local escort industry. It’s between a woman and her pimp.

(And anti-gun nuts open fire! I would ignore that New Jersey has strict gun laws. Every cop I know tells me that criminals don't obey gun laws. But it makes more sense to promote anti-gun legislation and thus support gang violence and shootings to promote my agenda. So shoot away! I’m not running for federal office, but I'll pretend I can change the gun laws. Nor am I running for state Senate in Illinois. If I were, I wouldn't be wearing a bullet-proof vest right now because guns and gun crimes are illegal there.)

OK, so here’s my political situation:

I can never run again as a Republican. The leadership and I have a good 2 year history but I'd have to actually work hard and then be held accountable for my votes. Sorry, I just love repeating this, Democrats don't care if I waste money and promote gang violence.

Sure, I could run as an Independent in the general election but voters would ignore me. They ignore me already. It would be no fun and a waste of time. Plus, People care about the government wasting their money.

Yup, a kamikaze run in the Democratic primary as the most unconventional of insurgents makes sense. And by using the word "insurgent", I can align myself with "rebels" and maybe Obama will send me free guns (and he doesn't understand the debate about gun control, foreign policy and the dangers of foreign interventions.) which I can then ship to Mexico for a profit.

Could I win? Hell No!

But me running in a Democratic primary is nutty. I mean, this is crazy. I could actually be the only candidate that the Democratics even find who is willing to lose to Sean.

Help! Someone please stop me! Stop me, please! Stop me before I run again….as a Democrat!!

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