Monday, March 14, 2011

Our system stinks, and your 6th Amendment Right doesn't exist

So much for a speedy trial.... it's been 6 years. And the first trial was already declared to be not "fair". And my friend, a good, hard working, well educated father and husband was sentenced to 50 years in jail for allegedly murdering his wife, while an admitted and known gang member with real eye witnesses to testify against him gets 10 years for murdering a 16 year old. Meanwhile, the dopes who comment at the APP website are already explaining how the rich people, like George, get away with everything because they own the system. Maybe they've never been imprisoned and accused a crime that they maintain their innocence in while the state holds a trial that is deemed "unfair", after a not so speedy 3 years behind bars just waiting for said sham of a trial to be held, and the fact remains that all of the money these people THINK that George had/has can't help him deal with a broken, slow and unfair judicial system.

Our system stinks, and your 6th Amendment Right doesn't exist.

PS - In case you're new here and wondering what I'm talking about, George Calleia was my workout partner/lifting buddy for a year or so back before October 2005. start here if you care. George is innocent until proven guilty and until he is proven guilty in a fair trial, he remains my friend and I believe he is innocent of all charges against him. It is incredibly sad that he has spent so much time behind bars waiting for a fair trial while lawyers suck up his money and his daughter grows up without him. I wrote back in June 2008 that I was glad things were over and I could move on -- the sad truth is that all of these years later, it's still not over. "Fair and speedy" is how they taught it in school.... Oh by they way, his bail is $3M... there is an 8th Amendment for that too but who's keeping track of all of these silly little amendment anyway....

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ambrosiajr said...

These seem to be just technicalities. Did they convict him on other evidence? Or did they convict him on just the hearsay testimony. Also, what about the other charges he was convicted on...the tampering of evidence and obstruction charge. Were those thrown out also? Or where they upheld.