Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Branch School Election Results

With an incredible 1,286 total votes, the Long Branch BOE budget was APPROVED by a majority of voters; 766 YES votes, 520 NO votes. This should mean another fine year of students in Long Branch getting a sub-par education from underpaid teachers while school administrators continue to pull in the BigBucks. Long Branch teachers were all working the phones asking people to go vote "for their jobs"; I received two such calls but received no calls, door knocks, or printed materials from any BOE candidates. Word of mouth/neighbor research was the only source of (questionably accurate) information.

BOE election "winners" are:
James N. Parnell 910 26.16%
Allan Menkin 739 21.25%
Armand R. Zambrano, Jr. 665 19.12%

Congratulations to Jim Parnell and Allan Menkin.

As for Zambrano - I almost feel like there was some False Advertising here. Armand R. Zambrano was on the BOE, then got voted out, then got appointed back on to fill a vacancy, then had signs around town that read "Re-Elect Zambrano".... Re-Elect??? We didn't elect you in the first place, remember? Unfortunately, voters have been duped and we're stuck with a board member who is responsible for those ridiculous administrative salaries, and the number of administrators. Unfortunate, but at least the good news is that Joseph Ferraina has retired... good chance we'll see him again in a future mayoral election; hopefully voters remember to vote against the man who put his name on a school and took half a million a year in salary from taxpayers to run a school system that gets a failing grade year after year.

For the record -- there was absolutely no communication regarding the BOE elections or public question from the Long Branch Republican Chaiman. I asked for some involvement or direction several times to no avail. There has also been no involvement or communication from the Chairman or a fellow committee member who is also on city council despite some prodding. Hopefully they remember there is a primary election for state elections coming up... I've been working my local district, no communications from anyone if they are working theirs, but I doubt it. If you are in Long Branch and haven't heard from your local committeeman, please let me know (click the call me link on the left) and I'll get you in touch with them, or we'll run you for committee on the ballot next year.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul vs Gary Johnson!

Well now I'm looking forward to 2012 Presidential Runs by both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, two libertarian leaning Republicans with great stories and strong principles. If I had to vote tomorrow, as if any voting happens on a Wednesday.. oh wait.... I'd probably vote for Gary Johnson over Ron Paul. Not to be an ageist, but I just don't think I can find myself electing someone Paul's age as president. If there was an AverageNoOne Conservative Republican dream team, Johnson with Paul as a vice president would get me excited. I suspect it'll be a long and uphill battle for both Paul and Johnson and the major media outlets and party players will likely ignore their runs, but one can hope that they overcome the odds or that grassroots supporters will pickup the workload to support them.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Speaking of Carry Permits! I'm in love!

What a story of hope for the good guys! An thug was shot dead by super hottie Meghan Brown after breaking into her home and assualting her male friend... who I may have to go assault, caveman style, so I can steal his chick! (It's an ironic joke, please don't email me about how offended you are). The 25-year-old Miss Tierra Verde shot and killed the criminal.

Some links to the story:
This one has some pictures and the list of crimes committed by this thug

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey Liberals, Give Jeff Muller a Carry Permit!

It's pretty simple really -- there are laws against kidnapping, assault, unlawful imprisonment... and here in Jersey - carrying a firearm. Unfortunately for the law-abiding among us - criminals don't care what the law says and they break all of those laws. For many people, like Jeff Muller, the ability to carry a firearm for self-defense is not only a right, but a necessity in the face of such criminals. The liberal gun-control experiment has failed - gun crimes do not disappear when there is a prohibition on guns - rather the opposite is true - "one gun a month" hasn't helped either and the death of a Lakewood police officer should make that more clear as well.

As an example, and it's MSNBC of all place, read this story of a man with a carry permit vs an unsuspecting, gun wielding thug from Jersey.

I know Christie keeps telling us he doesn't plan to run for President, this year, but an executive order allowing CCW in NJ sure would raise his national profile among Republicans to the highest levels, and give gang members something to think about next time they want to execute three students or kidnap a pet store owner.