Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey Liberals, Give Jeff Muller a Carry Permit!

It's pretty simple really -- there are laws against kidnapping, assault, unlawful imprisonment... and here in Jersey - carrying a firearm. Unfortunately for the law-abiding among us - criminals don't care what the law says and they break all of those laws. For many people, like Jeff Muller, the ability to carry a firearm for self-defense is not only a right, but a necessity in the face of such criminals. The liberal gun-control experiment has failed - gun crimes do not disappear when there is a prohibition on guns - rather the opposite is true - "one gun a month" hasn't helped either and the death of a Lakewood police officer should make that more clear as well.

As an example, and it's MSNBC of all place, read this story of a man with a carry permit vs an unsuspecting, gun wielding thug from Jersey.

I know Christie keeps telling us he doesn't plan to run for President, this year, but an executive order allowing CCW in NJ sure would raise his national profile among Republicans to the highest levels, and give gang members something to think about next time they want to execute three students or kidnap a pet store owner.

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