Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gov Christie Touched Me, Appropriately. Long Branch Not So Much.

With a HUGE thanks to Senator Jennifer Beck, State Committeewoman Christine Hanlon and next Mayor of Sea Bright JoAnn Kalaka-Adams for inviting me out to the Monmouth County Republican Committee Gala tonight... I need to add an additional thanks to one of the greatest, hardest working Republicans I've met in this county, and someone who I both admire and wish I could emulate, Wayne Powmanowski, President of the Monmouth County Affiliated Republican Club.

I was surfing the delicious snacks table, for a slice of apple pie that I shouldn't be eating anyway, when Wayne said "If you want to shake the Governor's hand, he's coming through those doors". All these years of running and working out paid off because, with apologies for cutting him off, I made it across the room before Wayne could finish whatever he was going to say next, muscled a few good folks out of my way, and then it happened.... Chris Christie walked in, shook my girlfriend's hand, then shook my hand. I thanked him for all of the hard work he's done for our state and he touched my shoulder and acknowledged me and my thanks. Yes, Gov. Chris Christie acknowledged my very existence, and, appropriately, touched me.

I've said it before it and I'll say it again - back in the primary days of '09, I was working hard for Team Lonegan and I really wasn't convinced that Christie had a plan or the ability to turn this state around; I was wrong. Despite a Democrat controlled legislature that has been fighting to maintain the past poor state of affairs in New Jersey rather than try something new to improve life in Jersey, Christie has already really made a positive impact on our state, halted a ship that was speeding towards disaster, and I am happy to have him as MY Governor, and I hope to work hard enough to bring a friendly enough legislature to Trenton to make his job easier, or at least remove the roadblock that the Democrats have been so that the ship won't just be halted, but will be pointed in the right direction.

And again, what I like most about Christie is his style. He is unapologetic, upfront and seemingly intentionally confrontational at times. He isn't trying to make friends, he's trying to right the ship, and he may hurt your feelings along the way, but he has a positive, bright vision of New Jersey in the future and he is working to make it happen. He has had his disagreements with Sean Kean and other Republicans - he doesn't hold back, even on "friends".

In a related note to the attitude and style Christie presents... tonight I was told that my comments on the Long Branch beach fees for youths were "mean-spirited" and not what was expected from a "friend". Let me say this much, I am happy to be friends with anyone, especially a Republican; and I am happy to support any and all Republican candidates either in Long Branch or beyond, but I am not going to allow friendships to be the excuse to why I don't confront those people over what appears to be out of control spending, over-taxation, extraordinarily high fees for services or just a failure do the best a Republican can be expected to do. If I allow "friends" to take advantage of my fellow taxpayers, and me, I'm failing my job as a committeeman and a citizen. There is clearly a spending problem in Long Branch if the growth in revenue over the past several years isn't enough to cover our expense to allow the public to walk or sit on our beaches. Be a Good Republican; fix the spending problems instead of being mad at me. I offer this:

“New Jersey does not have a tax problem, that we don’t have enough tax revenue. We have a spending and size of government problem, and we need to start saying “no.” And, today is another one of those examples of saying no.”

" I just don’t believe that if you spoke to a majority of people in New Jersey, they would say to you, “Yeah, you know what? The government does not have enough revenue to do the job. We just don’t send them enough money, let’s send them some more. Because, they don’t have enough. It’s not that they are spending it so wisely, they just don’t have enough money.” And, I don’t think the majority of New Jersians feel that way and I certainly don’t feel that way."

New Jersey Governer Chris Christie - May 20, 2010
Again, don't be mad at me if you want to claim Republican, and don't want to cut the spending... or be mad at me, keep over-spending other people's money, and I'll keep up my criticism.

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