Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Branch's Former School Super - Joe Ferraina - Accused of Committing Sexual Offenses

Long Branch Patch has the breaking story....

Superintendent Joe Ferraina denies all accusations

A former Long Branch Board of Education Secretary is suing the board and Superintendent of Schools Joe Ferraina, alleging several sexual offenses.

When contacted, Ferraina denied the secretary's allegations.

"I intend to defend myself vigorously against this unfounded accusation which was made in a press release in a civil suit in an effort to cause me personal harm and extract money," Ferraina said. "I intend to take this seriously, and we (Ferraina and the board of education) will be exonerating these malicious and hurtful charges."

In the lawsuit, the former employee claims these sexual offenses took place on multiple occasions in Ferraina's office during work hours. The employee said the first offense occurred in 2004 when Ferraina allegedly forced his way into the employee's apartment.

The complaint states that the employee had a "complete breakdown resulting from the actions of Ferraina," on May 17, 2010, and has been unable to work since.

The employee is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, claiming she suffered while working in a "hostile work environment created by Ferraina and the school board."

This is a breaking news story, check back later for more updates and details.

Readers here may remember/know that I've been quite unkind to Joe in the past for taking half a million a year in taxpayer money to put his name on a school that accepts students from out of the city and otherwise running a district that consistently fails to produce.

To the best of my knowledge, Ferraina officially retired at the end March of this year and there is/was a "celebration" (I believe to paid for by the school board but check for youself if you can, I don't have the info in front of me) scheduled for next month.

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