Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moron... More On Joseph Ferraina; Taxpayers, and Ladies, Beware!

Always a bit late with the news, the Worst News Paper Ever, The Asbury Park Press, finally has a story up.

Among all of the other allegations in the complain, the easy one to check should be:
Russo also says in the complaint that Ferraina's office had a shower, bar and was soundproof and secure, making it a bordello.
A bar? As in one with alcohol, on school property? Paid for with taxpayer money? No alcohol on school property.

In some fairness, did taxpayers really pay for a special sound-proof room at Joe's demands, or is the general design/construction of the building such? Same with the shower, some extra expense/demand by Joe, or is/was the shower already in the building for some other purpose? We do have a shower in the main restroom at work because we have a gym in the building, not criminal, but it's also not the boss' secret special shower... more info needed, but again, seems easy enough to get the info on.

The other allegations may or may not be harder to prove but after speaking with some neighbors, the common theme seems to be "Jimmy, this isn't the first time!"

The hear-say/street talk tells of similar ALLEGED tales from a past gym teacher, a teacher in the pre-school program and possibly an athletic director. Word on the street is often wrong, and Joe is innocent until proven guilty. It'll be interesting to see if any of the above people from the word on the street stories come forward. If they do, I think the case becomes more clear, if they don't, I'm willing to believe Ferraina's side of the story, as much as I dislike him, until the facts are laid out and the proof is clear.

And since the APP only lists Joe's base salary as $242K, worth noting that the State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation's March 2006 report titled "Taxpayers Beware", these two items stand out:
* In the Long Branch School District, one administrator cashed in $108,000 in unused leave.

* Long Branch School District
Superintendent Joseph Ferraina
Base salary reported to DOE: $193,149.
Actual total compensation: $305,099.

Difference: $111,950 or 58.0 percent.
Compensation beyond base salary during 2004-05 included more than $78,461 for cashing in unused leave; $10,809 in stipends; $10,907 toward long-term health and disability insurance; $1,244 for unreimbursed medical expenses; and $11,529 in annuity payments.
From 1999 through 2004, Ferraina cashed in $108,100 in unused accumulated leave, and received $30,900 toward long-term health insurance, annuity payments totaling more than $43,200 and $36,000 in automobile stipends.
Ferraina was hired as superintendent of the Long Branch School District in May, 1998, under a multi-year contract. Within one year, however, the board of education revisited the pact, boosting its terms and provisions in the first of what would turn out to be a series of 10 separate amendments, modifications and revisions over the next five years. In each instance, Ferraina’s compensation and benefits increased significantly at
taxpayer expense.


Remember this year's and past year's school budget? about 1200 people voted, 766 people approved the waste that is (or was) Joe Ferraina for the other 34,000+ people in the city. sad.

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