Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not to defend Pakistan, but remember Jaycee Dugard?

I'm certainly not here to defend the government of Pakistan in any way, nor do I advocate for foreign aid, foreign intervention or anything else, however, I do want to share my $0.02 thoughts on the possibility/denial that Pakistan has been making regarding the whereabouts of Osama Bid Laden.

Separate story from a few years ago... Jaycee Dugard, 11, was kidnapped and held prisoner in a man's backyard in a well populated California town for 18 years. My trusty computer tells me that Antioch, CA is 38 miles outside of Oakland, CA, 80 miles from Sacramento, CA. Holly Bobo is still missing somewhere in TN and while I haven't seen the missing children pictures on the back of a milk carton lately, I'm sure there are plenty of missing children out there.

So while I'm normally the skeptic, especially of hostile foreign governments, it's just a little thing that came to mind and while I normally cut no slack to anyone for anything, I'll at least hold out judgement on Pakistan a little while longer and hopefully this serves as a wakeup call to the people and government there that terrorists are alive and well, even within their own borders, and all should remain vigilant.

Either way, a special thanks and congratulations to all of the active, retired and deceased service men and women of our armed forces and intelligence departments for finally getting Osama. Thank you.

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