Thursday, May 12, 2011

So What's YOUR little Local Committee Up To??

As sent to me by a person who is registered as a Republican in Long Branch, and may or may not be on the County Committee because the chairman may or may not have made the appointment official.... I have no idea what email client the guy uses to send email but the formatting, as with all of his other emails, is how it is displayed on my screen which, in combination with the grammar, punctuation and spelling, makes the emails [less than] enjoyable to read.
Good Morning Boys and Girls. I will bring up Speaker Boehners comments/proposal on Spending and debt

limits at this pm"s meeting and suggest we vote on the concept.

You might want to note yesterday's Press article p16 and or the WSJ editorial of Tue. 5/10 editorial on the subject, consider this with the Greek situation as a backdrop.

looking forward to seeing you this pm.

I suppose a group of adults, elected to county committee, are the boys and girls he's writing to and the email wasn't sent in error.

So do tell, while my fellow committee people are tackling the costs and spending in a multi-trillion dollar federal budget, and comparing them to international budgets and affairs such as those in Greece, what is your silly little local committee doing, huh??

Probably some non-sense like talking about the primary election that is happening in 3 weeks, organizing a GOTV plan, attending, if not holding, fund raisers for candidates, designing/printing materials and canvassing your local districts. Pft, whatever.

You just leave the heavy lifting to the Long Branch Republican Committee... who is going to vote on the federal budget but was completely silent when I asked who would like to review the tiny little $40m or so Long Branch municipal budget or get involved with the BOE elections that 1200 people voted in. I guess the local budget is small potatoes when your going to tell the House Speaker what needs to be done to solve our nations woes.

Ohhh, feel free not to include me in that vote tonight, I'll be at the Jen Beck event showing my support for our candidates and I'll be distributing the postcard on the left and trying to help Republicans win an election and take control of the statehouse this weekend.

As I've said before, if you live in Long Branch and want to help Republicans get elected and help our party grow, shoot me an email jhogan [a.t.] longbranchrepublicans com or click the call me link on the left. Otherwise, that's what the Long Branch committee is up to. And check out the new Long Branch Republican Club website if you have time.

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