Friday, June 10, 2011

Anne Lewis Strategies, "Laugh At Us", We Are.

When I made my little comment on Mr. Weiner's "Internet Consulting Services" payouts, I thought nothing of it aside from a throw away chuckle that he pays for some kind of "Internet Consulting Services", implying maybe that the consultant should have consulting him on better Internet nEtiquette. Well, it seems that based on traffic logs, the people at Anne Lewis Strategies may have found my blog. Welcome more new readers, and here is a laugh directly at Anne Lewis Strategies... They advertise:
Ability to laugh at oneself (and, at times, the company principals) is a must.
Supporting principals on the day-to-day management of overall
client relationship and satisfaction;
...Know how to use Twitter to build relationships and get satisfaction...
Ok fine, so maybe I added the last part of the job description, because it's funny and I like to laugh. Hopefully the people at Anne Lewis Strategies found my little blog funny enough to come back! I'll check the logs again later in the week. Surely, Weiner consulted with Anne Lewis Strategies before posting all of those pictures of himself holding onto his package in the house gym.

Here is the job description from 2009 as posted on google groups.... funny in that ironic way that the date on the job description was May 18, 2009. It is/was two years later, May 27th, that Weiner's now famous twitpic was sent. Again, if anyone knows what it is that Anne Lewis Strategies actually does, or claims to do, that is described as "Internet Consulting Services" at the rate of $11K in 3 months, do please tell, I'm always looking for business ideas, and I'll advise any client of mine not to take semi-nude photos of themselves and/or to post them online. A good business pitch, I hope Anne Lewis Strategies doesn't steal my idea.

JOB: Anne Lewis Strategies, LLC Account Assistant (DC)

Date: May 18, 2009

JOB: Account Assistant

EFFECTIVE: Immediately

LOCATION: Washington, DC

Anne Lewis Strategies, LLC, a strategic online communications
consulting firm, is seeking an Account Assistant to help support its
growing lists of accounts.

As part of the Anne Lewis Strategies team, the Account Assistant can
expect to be on the frontlines of the campaigns to protect and expand
Democratic majorities in the House, Senate and Governor’s Mansions,
and work with some of the nation's leading environmental, pro-choice
and non-profit organizations.

Candidate must have political experience and an interest in learning
online marketing, communications and fundraising strategies. Candidate
must be able to wear a number of hats, interface with clients
directly, and help company principals keep the trains running on time.

Candidate must be a self-starter with a good attitude. Ability to
laugh at oneself (and, at times, the company principals) is a must.

Successful candidates will be responsible for:

· Supporting principals on the day-to-day management of overall
client relationship and satisfaction;

· Drafting, editing, and publishing client-facing documents
including memos, agendas, proposals, and presentations;

· Acting as “first responder” on all client requests when
principals are not available. Tracking all client requests and
ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks;

· Working with clients to compile feedback as needed and help in
trafficking copy and creative for online campaigns;

· Owning overall company meeting calendar, including scheduling
meetings and setting up conference calls;

· Supporting business development efforts and participating in
new business pitches;

· Providing top-quality customer service to clients, including
regular reporting and invoicing.


· Passion for Democratic politics and progressive causes;

· At least one year experience working with non-profit or
political organizations;

· Excellent time management, planning, and troubleshooting skills;

· Attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines;

· Superior writing and analytical skills;

· HTML, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or data base knowledge is a plus;

· Expertise in Microsoft Office with robust Excel and PowerPoint
skills, experience with Mac OS X a plus;

· Client management and/or political campaign experience a plus.

Please send your resume and cover letter to

Gavrie Kullman
Anne Lewis Strategies

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