Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Good Reason To Love Chris Christie

The guy has won me over, really. Call me a party hack or whatever you want to call me if you need to, but Christie is really doing a great job, in my book.

The story is essentially that the Gov is cutting $300 million in spending that benefits 23,000 state residents.

We Republicans scream and yell and complain when we spend $20K+ per pupil on education to get sub-par education. This cut by the Gov should be cutting about $13K per beneficiary ($300m / 23K), what's better is that we're cutting $13K in sub-par healthcare coverage and now these people will be free of a government system that forces them into sub-par healthcare facilities. I understand healthcare costs and treatments and prescription will bankrupt a person, but I for one don't want to be bankrupted paying taxes to fund that healthcare. I'm of the opinion that there are enough wealthy, charitable people in the world along with enough doctors and philanthropists who care about other people that voluntary, charity work will help those who really want help.

For me personally, when I talk about cuts in spending and smaller government, I'm talking about seeing the government make those cuts everywhere, in any and all departments that aren't "essential services", and I have to also say that what I personally consider essential may be even less than what the state defines as essential. Too often, We the People scream and yell and complain about our high taxes, then when the Man comes around to make a cut in our favorite program, we scream and kick and yell and demand that the government makes a cut somewhere else. Someone(s) is going to be upset at this cut, just as someone(s) will be upset at cuts in school budgets.... I'm won't be upset.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I am a strictly private sector worker, I have no vested interest in public employment, it doesn't pay my bills and I do not benefit from government programs. I honestly don't think I use any government programs (aside from DMV, and not by choice, and some local parks, but I'd just as well go enjoy the beach if it's wasn't so expensive, and I was allowed to bring my dog). There are groups who are upset at the idea of cuts to school budgets, groups upset with cuts to gov't healthcare programs, groups that are upset with cuts to UEZ zone, etc... but not me... make any real cut and I'm really happy.

I just wish that the Gov would cut some salaries and benefits of those union NJT railroad workers who provide nothing but late trains and sub-par public transportation services next. Just sayin'.

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