Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bloggers; And Our Little Battles Too

Whoever is running the Blog over at Neptune Matters is doing a great job. I've even noted that it seems like Warren Lapp and some of the other Neptune Republicans have taken interest in the blog, despite the blog at times being less than friendly to Neptune Republicans. But one of the entries over there today, mixed with a snooze story at the WorstPaperEver, demonstrates the troubles of being a blogger, that are somehow worth it for the seldom and rare moments of vindication.

The people at Neptune Matters note, correctly:
Let Us Be Clear State That We Certainly Don’t Propose That We Are On The Scale Of, Or As Good As Andrew Breitbart & Other Bloggers Of His Stature…

We Know We Have A Long Way To Go Studying Under Their Collective Wings.
I couldn't agree more. I'm not likely to catch Frank Pallone doing something illegal from my little cube at work or by talking to my local voters who are reading the same news I'm reading and probably talking to less people than I'm talking to, but I can use those ideas and methods to dig and learn about my local issues, where it appears other's aren't doing the digging and reading. Neptune Matters goes on to write:
But This Kind Of Coverage They Offer Is Where We Need To Be Going In Order To Get To The Bottom Of Things Here In Neptune. “Something’s Gotta Give.”
Replace Neptune with Long Branch or any other city or state and the nail has been hit, hard. When Breitbart broke the story, he was attacked, personally. The name calling began and the mob went after him, not so different from when I call out local officials. For Breitbart, the moment of vindication has already come; for me, I believe time will prove my positions and opinions to be most inline with those of the so called silent majority. Although Joe Ferraina is innocent until proven guilty on those sex charges, time will tell, just as time will show his legacy in Long Branch to be a farce; his salary, benefits and retirement to be paid for by the next generation who are graduates of the sub-par system he ran. When the story broke on him, this log received several thousand hits from people searching for dirt on Joe, I was glad I can help, most people in Long Branch fear the man, and his "power", my blog is my own power to fight back, I have little else to fight with.

But there is more danger in being a blogger; I blog using my real name. These are my opinions and this is my outlet, I don't hide. Art Gallagher @ MoreMonmouthMusings certainly doesn't hide either and he does a great job standing by his opinions and beliefs despite the attacks he takes, and he takes far more abuse than little ol' me. Being as good as a Breitbart isn't so good, I'd prefer to be as good as Art. While I don't agree with their positions so I won't share their names or links to their blogs, I do read some of the local D leaning blogs written by people using their real names, I'm happy that they share their opinions and principles, even when I don't agree. Mostly, I'm just happy to see people living without fear of governments or anyone or thing else.

And further on bloggers, while I'm ALWAYS critical of anonymous bloggers and comments (I don't permit anonymous comments here), I can certainly understand why the guys at NeptuneMatters are keeping a lid on their identities, for now, because the Supreme Court ruling shows that the law isn't on our side, and it shouldn't be, I'm with TooMuchMedia (which is run by a former, or still but I haven't heard from him in YEARS, great friend of mine) -- us bloggers shouldn't be spreading complete fud, but if TheTruthHurts(TM) and HonestyIsTheBestPolicy(TM), then it was easy enough for TMM to tell the truth as defense, and it would be easy enough for any elected official, like Anthony Weiner, to prove the truth -- the problem of course being that it seems that most times, if elected officials tried to prove the truth, they'd incriminate themselves, and it would just vindicate us bloggers, which rarely happens, but feels great when it does happen. By remaining anonymous, it seems the Neptune Matters folks are somehow getting deeper info, probably being handed over unwittingly like candy even, it has it's benefits I suppose, some great historical Americans wrote anonymously, they eventually announced their identities, I suspect someday we'll know who runs Neptune Matters, for now, they are doing well as it is.

To be clear, we bloggers aren't journalists, at least I don't claim to be a jouralist. Some bloggers try to pass themselves off as such, in my opinion, it's foolish. We don't enjoy the benefits of hiding behind the corporate lawyers, a board of directors, some shareholders or an "editorial board" nor do most of us have the significant reader base and advertising network of a real journalist to fund our defense and separate the real, physical us from the character people see on TV or hear on the radio or read from in the paper. We don't have editors to check for grammEr...grammar, and spelling misssteaks nor do we have college interns [to sexually harass] to do the leg work for us. We have nothing more than our opinions, based on our little research, which is often hindered by sneaky local political ploys, and our little audience of readers, for which we are thankful for, and nothing more. Blogging, for me at least, has often been a lonely and frustrating road, but best of all, as great motivation, I generally believe that my often offensive opinions, statements and research will be vindicated in time. Despite the abuse I sometimes take for making my opinions known, when the people I choose to call out are finally caught with their proverbial pants down, or literally in some cases, it feels quite good, and shows the service provided.

In summary, heed the words over at NeptuneMatters, and I'll repeat them here:
But, it takes more than 100 or so page hits a day to get the “revolution” going. YOU must start spreading the word amongst your Neptunian friends.
However, if there is no one to do the real digging, what’s the result? Corruption and deceit festers. Taxpayer’s money gets wasted and people get hurt.
To Our Elected Officials & Administration. We Are Watching. It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before You Trip Up & People Finally See What You Are Up To & What You Are Getting Away With.
Again, thanks for continuing to read, loyal readers, and welcome to those who stumble across this little blog and take a read.

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