Thursday, June 16, 2011

LaRossa And Gallagher Expose Tony Fiore As A Republican

Show Audio Availble Here

For those who didn’t listen and/or discount AM Radio/Internet Radio as an important and viable medium, let me add: I listened to the whole show, live, via the (free) “Tune In Radio” app on my Android phone and really enjoyed listening. In fact, I even sent Art a text message as feedback during the show, not realizing Art didn’t know it was me.

Anyhow, one of the [many] complaints I’ve had as a [Republican] voter is that every time I attend some breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktail hour, dinner… I hear the same ol’ tired speech that goes something like this: “I’m X from Y. I thank you all for coming, especially [zinger at Z], lol! It’s great to be here in front of all of these wonderful Republicans and I look forward to serving you/having a wonderful year in YYYY as your A.”

Fast forward a few weeks, or months, and hour after hour of weekends volunteered, and I can’t even get a return call or email when I complain about some bad bill, not to point any fingers at any specific person or people of course.

So the complaint is simple and hopefully obvious; the candidates never seem to talk about *AN* issue as in one, nevermind multiple issues. It’s always “play it safe”, “keep it simple” and “don’t offend anyone”. I more than understand the reasoning, promote the feel good attitude, don’t alienate a voter on an issue, etc - but I’ve asked two repeatedly before and I’ve never found the answer, and will continue to ask “Where are Republicans talking about the issues?” and “How do I know you’re really a Republican?”

Well, LaRossa and Gallagher’s radio is the place where Republicans are talking and the answers are how I know Tony Fiore is really a Republican.

Kudos to Tony Fiore for having the fortitude to get on the radio and talk about actual issues, actual things he’s done or is doing. Whether I was alone listening or if there were a million listeners, who knows, but I now know for sure, Tony Fiore is a Republican. You can hear it in his voice, see it in his actions and get a feel for how he thinks about the issues and addresses the problems — he thinks like a Republican, and from what I can see he is working as a Republican. The benefits of Republican leadership to the people of Middletown seem to be clear, the question was asked “are other towns following Middletown’s lead”, sadly, the answer is no, and I suspect it’s because in many other towns, there are “Republicans”, rather that Republicans in office.

Anyhow, I certainly hope MMM readers take the time to tune-in next week and in future weeks. I’m going to make it a point to try to convince a few friends to listen, but more importantly, I’m going to suggest to a few “Republicans” that they contact Art and schedule an appearance on the show, see if and how they answer the questions… if they are really Republicans, and if they are willing and able to talk about the issues.

And if anyone is curious - my feedback during the show to Art was noting that Middletown, with 70K people and ~42sq mi has has less police officers than Long Branch, with 34K people and ~5sq mi.

Great job overall Art. The Weiner bit was a fun jab, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if you skipped the comedy segment to get another solid 12 minutes out of Tony.

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