Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner's "Internet Consulting Services" -- $11,650 in Q1 -- Priceless!

I was browsing Anthony Weiner's latest FEC report during my lunch break which you can browse here. filed 4/15/2011. I was mostly curious if Frank Pallone shared any donors/expenses with Mr. Weiner.

What I found made me giggle. Search Weiner's report for "Internet Consulting Services" There are 4 matches.
1-13-2011 -- $3150
2-17-2011 -- $2500
2-25-2011 -- $3000
3-22-2011 -- $3000

Think to "consultant" provided input on posting those photos to social networking sites? Maybe he should have consulted on that topic if he didn't. I wonder what services said internet consultant, "Anne Lewis Strategies", provided, their website is pretty poor, just a Google Sites page.

Have a look for yourself and share your odd or fun findings. The only other thing that bothers me is this one:
Charles B Rangel Legal Expense Trust -- $2000 -- so Mr. Weiner is defending the censured Rangle... classy.

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