Thursday, June 9, 2011

“We’re going to support our unions”

Not my words, but the words of Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, D-Bergen according to the Worst News Paper Ever, the Asbury Park Press..

For the record, Assemblyman Gordon Johnson is SUPPOSED to be representing citizens of the State of NJ, not unions. More specifically, he is SUPPOSED to be representing NJ's 37th Legislative District, not unions.

Assemblyman Johnson serves on the Law and Public Safety Committee (as Chair). My fellow 2A supporters and defenders should note that Gordon Johnson, as chair of the Law and Public Safety Committee, is the guy to get rid of if we want to see the failed One Gun a Month theory thrown away.

Keith Jensen and Gregory John Aslanian are the Republican candidates in that district. I'll do some homework, maybe I'll be willing to take the drive up to Bergen to volunteer my time and efforts to help those opposing Johnson, who has here stated that he has no intention of supporting the taxpayers, just the unions.


This from politicker...
The GOP candidates for Assembly in District 37 are Keith Jensen of Fort Lee and John Aslanian of Englewood Cliffs. Jensen, 37, is a local entrepreneur who ran for the Republican nomination for Congress last year. He is also a U.S. Army veteran. Aslanian, 57, is a marketing and product development consultant for the health care industry and also ran for the Republican nomination for Congress in 2010 in District 9.
I can't seem to find a website/archive for a Keith Jensen. John Aslanian has this website and appears to be a Lonegan backed candidate, which I think is good.

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