Monday, July 18, 2011

Conviction, Not Compromise! (Ron Paul's First 2012 TV Ad)

Conviction, Not Compromise! (Ron Paul's First 2012 TV Ad)

In light of recent comments here, worth noting this Ron Paul video as well:

"It's been many administrations, it's been both parties, but you even go back to the people. There is a high demand by the people to have entitlements, and then there are a lot of special interests that think we should be the policemen of the world."

"Get the American People to ask, What should the role of Government be? Should the role of our government be to be the policeman. Should it be there to tell us how to run our lives?"

"I don't think this is a budgetary crisis, the budget is the symptom of us not having a precise definition of what the role of government ought to be and the founders gave us the precise definition and that's in our Constitution and unfortunately, we don't follow it."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long Branch Police Captain Gil Horrach Makes Up New Laws

It's no big secret, I'm a legal gun owner. Every gun I own has been legally purchased, with all of the proper permits, through all of the proper channels. As I've noted recently, I have had so many background checks done on me that the police could save money by having a Black Helicopter and some guys in suits follow me around 24/7., and I also noted that getting a permit in NJ is always a problem, it's just predictable at this point.

So back on June 30th, I submitted another Handgun Purchase Permit Application to my local Long Branch Police Department, John something handles that stuff. The form, and law, requires the names and addresses of two non-relatives who are acquainted with me. I don't know why the law asks for this, it seems a bit silly really. The forms they mail out ask questions that the police should already know the answers to, ie, am I a drunk, domestic abuser, convict, trying to overthrow the US government.... well I mean I am a Republican... ahh anyhow, let's focus here, this is serious stuff.

So in the past I'd always given my girlfriend, same address with a different last name as one reference and my sister-in-law, SAME last name, different address; I've never had a problem. The LBPD sends out their little letters, two people who know me well send back their answers, I get my permit, legally and lawfully make a purchase, and all is well in the world.

This time, I figured I'd change things up a little. Rather than give my sister-in-law's name, I decided to give my GIRLFRIEND's son's name. Now his last name is different from my lastname, AND his last name is different from my GIRLFRIEND's last name. Got it? Three last names, one residence.

So let me quote the law.
N.J.A.C.13:54-1.4(c) The applicant shall provide the names and addresses of two reputable citizens personally acquainted with him as references.

Somehow, the State Police then changed the law on their own and the form says:
(29) Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of two reputable persons who are presently acquainted with the applicant, other than relatives:
So "other than relatives" seems to have been added, arbitrarily, by the State Police. No worries for ol' Jimmy, there is no legal relationship between my girlfriend and I, I certainly can't file a joint "married" return with her and she can't collect my SS benefits, even healthcare/patient access is a problem for us because, you guessed it, WE ARE NOT RELATED BY ANY LAW. Likewise, I certainly can't tell the IRS or NJ Div of Taxation that my girlfriend's son is MY dependent, they won't have that, and I can't get access to certain information of his at school, or the doctor, because again, WE ARE NOT RELATED BY ANY LAW.

Yet, as you may have guessed by now, "John" over at Long Branch Police want two new names at two different addresses. Why? Well Captain Horrach is going to explain it to me if he ever answers his phone. John says his instructions from Captain Horrach are to get people "at another residence". I'm sorry sir, I just don't see that in the law.

And let's think about it for a second here, who knows me better than the people I live with? Shouldn't the police make sure that the people I cohabitate with aren't drug dealers, gang members, terrorists... or trying to overthrow the US Government? I mean, wouldn't it make more sense for them to contact the people in the house where the firearm will be stored to verify that *I* am a "reputable person" and THEY are reputable people as well? So John says to me "well you can fill out the forms in other writing and send them back"... well I could, but that would be forgery, right John? And if you think I've committed such fraud, do please give me my day in court and prove your case. In the mean, how about you and your Captain follow the letter of the law and stop harassing me.

I hope Dave Rible funds your pensions so you two can retire soon!

PS - I should note, I did reach out to Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini's office for clarification on the law. I DID receive a call back from their office and upon first review, it seems I've not violated the letter of the law but they continue looking into this for me. I've also checked with a few attorneys, all are in agreement that in the State of NJ, or anywhere in the US, to the best of their knowledge/off the record, my GIRLFRIEND, and HER SON, are indeed, NOT RELATIVES.

I sure hope this doesn't turn into a bigger problem.... and I sure hope that the local police aren't arbitrarily making up the laws as they go along. Didn't they take some oath?

BTW - I think this is Captain Gil Horrach - The APP's DataUniverse isn't working well at the moment, I wonder how much one gets paid to make up the laws? It surely should be more than the State Legislators who have to write the laws...

UPDATE - 4:00PM July 14:
As an update already...

So I had a long talk with Captain Gil... basically he's not going to not even bother doing an investigation and just wants two different names, or maybe he'll only want one more, he's not sure what law he's going to make up yet.

He says I'm welcome to comply with his demands, but he can't tell me which law gives him authority to make additional demands. He tried to quote N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.5 Prerequisites for a permit to purchase handgun or a firearms purchaser identification card

but what he read to me is different from the law on the NJ State Police website:

He says I'd be more than welcome to Appeal to Judge Destefano WHEN turns me down, I think that's a threat.

Then he immediately got all defense and asked if I was taping him because if I was I was violating the law. I told him I was pretty sure that I only need my own consent (one party) to record, but I wasn't... I probably should have been.

Gil also started telling me how great of a person he is, that he's been doing this job for 34 years. I tried to tell him that I'm a great person too, candidate for US Congress back in 08, a committeeman, FID holder, CCW holder in 3 states, never broke a law in my life, graduate of Rutgers, 2nd in my class in High School... he didn't care, hopefully he investigates and see's I'm not just a good person, but a great person!

Ohhh, and then he started telling me that because of gun crimes in Arizona, and now this thing in NY... the story went no where, but he started telling it. I'm not sure how I'm lumped in with those criminals just because I legally submit a handgun purchase permit.

Sad really.... and let's be honest, I could give thousands of names. Any of my fellow Republicans I think would vouch for me, I hope, my neighbors, my cousin's spouses, my girlfriend's family members, the guys at in my nationwide car club... but again, WHO KNOWS ME BETTER AND WHO BETTER TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS THAN THE PEOPLE I LIVE WITH???

Garbage, and Gil knows it.

Rible Ensures All Police Pensions Will Be Funded, One Idiot Complains

AP: Bizarro World, or New Jersey -- Assemblyman Dave Rible is under fire from an officer of law.

It seems that Assemblyman Rible did the right thing by voting to ensure that police, and other public union, pensions can be funded in the future ... so that these clowns who work 20 years can retire with full pay and benefits for the next 40 years of their lives... by voting for pension and benefits reforms.

And what does Dave get for making sure his fellow officers can continue to retire young and have better, cheaper benefits than most any private sector worker who pays dearly for worse benefits? Shots fired at him from Michael A. Deroian of PBA Local 314 of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Deroian earns a yearly salary of $86,632 according to the APP's DataUniverse public records. At 5.5% yearly towards his pension/retirement, my calculations, if correct, would indicate that Mr. Deroian is paying less than $5,000 towards his benefits/retirement each year. After 20 years of paying such, he'd of paid $100,000 into the system. Again, if I understand the laws correctly, Deroian is then going to collect 60% of his FINAL PAY, not 60% of what he paid each year. If his final pay stayed the same (it won't, he'll get raises year after year even when us private sector guys take pay cuts) at $87,000, he'd get $52,200/yr in pension payments... after paying $100,000....

Dave Rible, along with Gov. Christie and the rest of the State Assembly, seem to have done the best thing possible to protect PBA members, including Mr. Deroian, by making the contributions meaningful and the payouts reasonable, afford... possible.

I see the anonymous trolls at the APP taking their shots at Dave, I suggest they call Dave's office and ask for the full, real story rather than spout the "Main Stream Media", who they claim to despise on any other day, version of the story. From my understanding, Dave applied for, and tried to get out of the disability program so he could return to work, State lawyers and doctors prevented him from doing so while also telling him to try to lead a full and healthy life. Dave knows that I personally don't agree with the double-dipping, but then, as it's been pointed out to me before by another Double-Dipper, it's not illegal, not against any laws, and Dave has done a great job in the State Assembly, despite collecting two paychecks. In my opinion, until and unless the laws are change, Dave is the best man in the new District 30 for the State Assembly, or maybe Sean Kean is, either way, hard to find a harder working pair of individuals on a team together.

Worth noting, the suit seems to be filed by Mr. Deroian, not the PBA Union itself. I'm curious if the Union boss(es) endorse Dave and/or support the lawsuit, or if they will sit by quietly so see how the public reacts and then pick a side to win public support. In any case, their "Oath" seems ridiculous to me, but I'm just a lowly private sector guy looking forward to working 9-5 ... or 8-6 or 7 to 11.... for TheMan until the day I'm lucky enough to fall over in my lovely cubicle.


Well there it is folks, Joe Tuohy, PBA #314 President showing his true colors.

Let me summarize PBA #314 President Joe Tuohy's comments:
"Those Private Sector, Non-Union, Bank Negotiators did a better job of screwing you private sector taxpayers than my Public Sector, Union, Police Negotiators did so now I want more because I deserve to screw the taxpayer the hardest." -- Joe Tuohy

I notice you don't want to dispute MY facts, Joe. You just want to attack me and deflect from the taxpayer robbery that is going on in this state. You want to distract the taxpayers who fund your lavish benefits and retirements from the real benefits of the reform package Rible and Christie supported because it brings public union workers closer to the economic reality that us private sector workers face. You and your police union buddies have salaries that far exceed the average private sector salary, You have benefits that cost far less than anything in any private sector job most taxpayers have ever held or seen.

Joe Tuohy, PBA #314, doesn't care about protecting and serving the public, you care about getting the most money, best benefits and lowest cost contributions for your members, at the expense of the taxpayers in the State of NJ. If you cared about protecting and serving the public, you'd fire all of the guys making $85K+/yr and getting GREAT benefits on top of that, yourself included, and go hire twice the number of officers off of the unemployment line at $42K to patrol the streets, or twice the number of officers to hide in the bushes and write speeding tickets while gangs continue to grow and patrol the streets.

Proof? A copy of Rible's letter on the topic is here.
After surgery, I engaged in months of intense physical therapy in the hopes that I would be allowed to return to my job. Unfortunately, despite my fervent desire to return to work, the doctors decided that I was physically unable to perform a job that could require me to chase or restrain violent criminals–possibly in life-or-death situations that could involve fellow police officers or even innocent bystanders. That is when they gave me the devastating news that, because of my permanent disability, I could not return to being a police officer.

It is important to note that this decision was not based solely on the recommendation of my orthopedic surgeon. In fact, this determination was made by two independent doctors who were appointed by the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System Pension Board as well as an independent Medical Review Board which was also appointed by the Police and Firemen’s Pension Board.

YOUR PBA appointees won't let Dave back on the job as an officer. My statement is/was "Dave applied for, and tried to get out of the disability program so he could return to work". Unless you want to prove, not just accuse, that the letter tells a lie, I'd suggest my statement is more accurate than your accusations. And I do agree with Kelly, it would be nice if Dave refused one salary or the other, but he's not a breaking a law. If you don't like the law, lobby with your union buddies and change the law. Of course Joe DiVincenzo or Steve Sweeney or whatever other Democrats who are double-dipping aren't going to take your cries lightly, tread carefully taxpayer robbing PBA President.

And also As Kelly says: Touhy, you are an overpaid and under-worked loudmouth. You are also full of shit. NOW you mention David Rible's disability pension? For years David Rible has been collecting that disability pension and for years neither you or the PBA had anything to say about it. Why do you suppose that is? Why do you suppose you are suddenly interested in writing about the races that Rible runs?

...Answer Kelly please, I published your personal attacks against me, and my readers have valid questions for you. I think we've earned a response to your crying for giving you an outlet to be a loudmouth.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Private Property, Yeah Sure....


Those of you following me or part of my Google+ Circles will have seen the results from my "little" Vegetable garden... which measures about 35ftx35ftand is full of Tomators, Cucumbers, Peppers, Green Beans and some basil and parsely and such ... and i have my little fruit trees (apples, pears, figs, plums, peaches, nectarines) .. and I'm going to add grape vines next year too....

Anyhow, I'm very proud of my little garden and fruit trees and enjoy digging in the dirt and growing my own fruits and veggies and I don't use any pesticides or fertilizers or growth hormones or anything on them so I can pretend they are better for me than the store purchased stuff.

And knowing my own enjoyment and pleasure with this process, I'm am just ANGRY beyond words over this story of a Michigan woman facing jail time for using her own property, her front lawn, for her garden.


I should note: I've been trying to convince my girlfriend to let me cut down a boring old tree that sits in the middle of my front yard so that I can plant even more tomatoes there, but she'll have none of that and wants her grass. My puppy agrees, grass and shade is the life.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Because I Just Don't Have Enough Permits or Background Checks Completed On Me Already

While the US Government, under direction from Obama, Clinton and Holder, was busy giving out firearms to Mexican drug cartels, I was out obtaining the legal permits to purchase more firearms and attending training and safety classes for their use. But when it comes to obtaining a firearm in this state, it's never quite as easy as you'd expect a Constitutional right to be. Our friends over at Radio Free NJ had a nice blog entry covering the process a few years back, the process is a bit burdensome, and the local police always seem to create some problem or take as long as legally possible, for no reason, for what is supposed to be a basic right protected by the US Constitution. Imagine if you had to get the local police's arbitrary approval in order to write a letter to the editor of the local paper, I mean, words hurt, the police should make sure that your words aren't hurtful, just sayin'.

Just to give an idea of the number of times the US Government, or some state government has already done a background check on me, I have my NJ Firearms Purchaser's ID card. I had to get the background check, fingerprints, the police check in with two non-relatives who are supposed to vouch for my supreme greatness, or at least not call me a kook. I've already, in the past, obtained several handgun purchase permits which required their own round of background checks, fingerprints, etc. Since I don't pay taxes in other states, I also donated a few hundred dollars to the states of Florida, Virginia and Utah for non-resident firearms carry permits in those states, not that I ever plan to be in those states anyhow, but each of those requiring their own background check, fingerprints, etc. If I said that I've had 15 or more background checks done on me, that I know of, in the past 10 years for firearms permit reasons, I might still be under estimating.

So last night, all I wanted to do was to go pickup my new rifle, one that I've already paid for, had shipped to my FFL as the law requires, but because there was some rain and YOU PEOPLE can't drive in the rain, I got there just minutes after 8pm... and NICS was closed, so without yet another background check, no new rifle for poor ol' me. And surely, NICS is going to find something different this week than they did, literally, last week, or not... it's just a waste of my money to operate that system, the System Doesn't Work. I'd be willing to place a (legal) bet that last night while I was unable to pickup my rifle, more than one gang member obtained a firearm, from the US government, with a "Happy Holidays!" card signed "Barack Obama" included in the box.

The whole process stinks and I'll make the bold statement that not one of the non-sense gun laws that Lautenberg, Pallone or even Jersey Republicans have ever pushed has saved a life, lowered crime rates or prevented gang activity. Like all of the non-sense you deal with at the TSA just to board an air-plane, all of the gun laws are just do-nothing, feel-good, score-political-points non-sense. And did I mention that I gave hundreds of dollars to other states for permits I'll never use? I did? Right, because if NJ offered resident and non-resident carry permits, we'd have yet another revenue stream... of course my representatives in Trenton, true to Jersey form, would want to charge $500 for such a permit instead of the ~$100 like other states do.

..hopefully NICS doesn't find this in their background check when I try again to pickup my rfile today and deny me....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I doubt your local paper will cover the story.... they just won't get it if they try.

Hilary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Frank Pallone will continue to blame legal, law-abiding gun owners for putting guns in the hands of Mexican gangs.

If you are somehow completely uninformed about Operation Fast And Furious, I guess the wiki page for Operation Fast And Furious is a fair place to start, read the citations for more/better information.