Friday, July 8, 2011

Because I Just Don't Have Enough Permits or Background Checks Completed On Me Already

While the US Government, under direction from Obama, Clinton and Holder, was busy giving out firearms to Mexican drug cartels, I was out obtaining the legal permits to purchase more firearms and attending training and safety classes for their use. But when it comes to obtaining a firearm in this state, it's never quite as easy as you'd expect a Constitutional right to be. Our friends over at Radio Free NJ had a nice blog entry covering the process a few years back, the process is a bit burdensome, and the local police always seem to create some problem or take as long as legally possible, for no reason, for what is supposed to be a basic right protected by the US Constitution. Imagine if you had to get the local police's arbitrary approval in order to write a letter to the editor of the local paper, I mean, words hurt, the police should make sure that your words aren't hurtful, just sayin'.

Just to give an idea of the number of times the US Government, or some state government has already done a background check on me, I have my NJ Firearms Purchaser's ID card. I had to get the background check, fingerprints, the police check in with two non-relatives who are supposed to vouch for my supreme greatness, or at least not call me a kook. I've already, in the past, obtained several handgun purchase permits which required their own round of background checks, fingerprints, etc. Since I don't pay taxes in other states, I also donated a few hundred dollars to the states of Florida, Virginia and Utah for non-resident firearms carry permits in those states, not that I ever plan to be in those states anyhow, but each of those requiring their own background check, fingerprints, etc. If I said that I've had 15 or more background checks done on me, that I know of, in the past 10 years for firearms permit reasons, I might still be under estimating.

So last night, all I wanted to do was to go pickup my new rifle, one that I've already paid for, had shipped to my FFL as the law requires, but because there was some rain and YOU PEOPLE can't drive in the rain, I got there just minutes after 8pm... and NICS was closed, so without yet another background check, no new rifle for poor ol' me. And surely, NICS is going to find something different this week than they did, literally, last week, or not... it's just a waste of my money to operate that system, the System Doesn't Work. I'd be willing to place a (legal) bet that last night while I was unable to pickup my rifle, more than one gang member obtained a firearm, from the US government, with a "Happy Holidays!" card signed "Barack Obama" included in the box.

The whole process stinks and I'll make the bold statement that not one of the non-sense gun laws that Lautenberg, Pallone or even Jersey Republicans have ever pushed has saved a life, lowered crime rates or prevented gang activity. Like all of the non-sense you deal with at the TSA just to board an air-plane, all of the gun laws are just do-nothing, feel-good, score-political-points non-sense. And did I mention that I gave hundreds of dollars to other states for permits I'll never use? I did? Right, because if NJ offered resident and non-resident carry permits, we'd have yet another revenue stream... of course my representatives in Trenton, true to Jersey form, would want to charge $500 for such a permit instead of the ~$100 like other states do.

..hopefully NICS doesn't find this in their background check when I try again to pickup my rfile today and deny me....

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