Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rible Ensures All Police Pensions Will Be Funded, One Idiot Complains

AP: Bizarro World, or New Jersey -- Assemblyman Dave Rible is under fire from an officer of law.

It seems that Assemblyman Rible did the right thing by voting to ensure that police, and other public union, pensions can be funded in the future ... so that these clowns who work 20 years can retire with full pay and benefits for the next 40 years of their lives... by voting for pension and benefits reforms.

And what does Dave get for making sure his fellow officers can continue to retire young and have better, cheaper benefits than most any private sector worker who pays dearly for worse benefits? Shots fired at him from Michael A. Deroian of PBA Local 314 of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Deroian earns a yearly salary of $86,632 according to the APP's DataUniverse public records. At 5.5% yearly towards his pension/retirement, my calculations, if correct, would indicate that Mr. Deroian is paying less than $5,000 towards his benefits/retirement each year. After 20 years of paying such, he'd of paid $100,000 into the system. Again, if I understand the laws correctly, Deroian is then going to collect 60% of his FINAL PAY, not 60% of what he paid each year. If his final pay stayed the same (it won't, he'll get raises year after year even when us private sector guys take pay cuts) at $87,000, he'd get $52,200/yr in pension payments... after paying $100,000....

Dave Rible, along with Gov. Christie and the rest of the State Assembly, seem to have done the best thing possible to protect PBA members, including Mr. Deroian, by making the contributions meaningful and the payouts reasonable, afford... possible.

I see the anonymous trolls at the APP taking their shots at Dave, I suggest they call Dave's office and ask for the full, real story rather than spout the "Main Stream Media", who they claim to despise on any other day, version of the story. From my understanding, Dave applied for, and tried to get out of the disability program so he could return to work, State lawyers and doctors prevented him from doing so while also telling him to try to lead a full and healthy life. Dave knows that I personally don't agree with the double-dipping, but then, as it's been pointed out to me before by another Double-Dipper, it's not illegal, not against any laws, and Dave has done a great job in the State Assembly, despite collecting two paychecks. In my opinion, until and unless the laws are change, Dave is the best man in the new District 30 for the State Assembly, or maybe Sean Kean is, either way, hard to find a harder working pair of individuals on a team together.

Worth noting, the suit seems to be filed by Mr. Deroian, not the PBA Union itself. I'm curious if the Union boss(es) endorse Dave and/or support the lawsuit, or if they will sit by quietly so see how the public reacts and then pick a side to win public support. In any case, their "Oath" seems ridiculous to me, but I'm just a lowly private sector guy looking forward to working 9-5 ... or 8-6 or 7 to 11.... for TheMan until the day I'm lucky enough to fall over in my lovely cubicle.


Well there it is folks, Joe Tuohy, PBA #314 President showing his true colors.

Let me summarize PBA #314 President Joe Tuohy's comments:
"Those Private Sector, Non-Union, Bank Negotiators did a better job of screwing you private sector taxpayers than my Public Sector, Union, Police Negotiators did so now I want more because I deserve to screw the taxpayer the hardest." -- Joe Tuohy

I notice you don't want to dispute MY facts, Joe. You just want to attack me and deflect from the taxpayer robbery that is going on in this state. You want to distract the taxpayers who fund your lavish benefits and retirements from the real benefits of the reform package Rible and Christie supported because it brings public union workers closer to the economic reality that us private sector workers face. You and your police union buddies have salaries that far exceed the average private sector salary, You have benefits that cost far less than anything in any private sector job most taxpayers have ever held or seen.

Joe Tuohy, PBA #314, doesn't care about protecting and serving the public, you care about getting the most money, best benefits and lowest cost contributions for your members, at the expense of the taxpayers in the State of NJ. If you cared about protecting and serving the public, you'd fire all of the guys making $85K+/yr and getting GREAT benefits on top of that, yourself included, and go hire twice the number of officers off of the unemployment line at $42K to patrol the streets, or twice the number of officers to hide in the bushes and write speeding tickets while gangs continue to grow and patrol the streets.

Proof? A copy of Rible's letter on the topic is here.
After surgery, I engaged in months of intense physical therapy in the hopes that I would be allowed to return to my job. Unfortunately, despite my fervent desire to return to work, the doctors decided that I was physically unable to perform a job that could require me to chase or restrain violent criminals–possibly in life-or-death situations that could involve fellow police officers or even innocent bystanders. That is when they gave me the devastating news that, because of my permanent disability, I could not return to being a police officer.

It is important to note that this decision was not based solely on the recommendation of my orthopedic surgeon. In fact, this determination was made by two independent doctors who were appointed by the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System Pension Board as well as an independent Medical Review Board which was also appointed by the Police and Firemen’s Pension Board.

YOUR PBA appointees won't let Dave back on the job as an officer. My statement is/was "Dave applied for, and tried to get out of the disability program so he could return to work". Unless you want to prove, not just accuse, that the letter tells a lie, I'd suggest my statement is more accurate than your accusations. And I do agree with Kelly, it would be nice if Dave refused one salary or the other, but he's not a breaking a law. If you don't like the law, lobby with your union buddies and change the law. Of course Joe DiVincenzo or Steve Sweeney or whatever other Democrats who are double-dipping aren't going to take your cries lightly, tread carefully taxpayer robbing PBA President.

And also As Kelly says: Touhy, you are an overpaid and under-worked loudmouth. You are also full of shit. NOW you mention David Rible's disability pension? For years David Rible has been collecting that disability pension and for years neither you or the PBA had anything to say about it. Why do you suppose that is? Why do you suppose you are suddenly interested in writing about the races that Rible runs?

...Answer Kelly please, I published your personal attacks against me, and my readers have valid questions for you. I think we've earned a response to your crying for giving you an outlet to be a loudmouth.


PBA #314 said...

I see that the idiot calling someone else an “idiot” is actually the idiot. Or he is a person just totally ignorant of the facts or possibly even a straight liar & pal of Rible’s. It appears that Mr. Hogan, a failed politician, self proclaimed gun nut (they are good to record at parties, if you have trouble sleeping play it back) is also an angry man. What the failed politician left out was that this is the same Assemblyman who left Police work due to a permanent & total disability but now runs in marathons! (

This is the person Mr. Hogan is sticking up for? Furthermore Mr. Hogan even goes so far either with out right lies, is completely ignorant, or believes everything he hears on NJ 101.lies radio.

The facts are Bro. Deroian cannot retire in 20 years with 60%. Fact, Police and Fire have ALWAYS paid 8.5% of their salary. Plus now 1.5 for healthcare and the pension contribution is going up to 10%, but Mr. Hogan (lies or ignorant) states it is only 5.5. We only have to look at Mr. Hogan’s other rants with his vitriolic hatred for the police (see previous rant on Long Brach Police).

Another (lie or ignorant) mis-statement is that Mr. Hogan claims this is a “suit”. This action is by a private organization and not a suit. It was to remain private, but suddenly ended up in the news. Perhaps the (lies or ignorant) statements are why Mr. Hogan chose to get into he could fit in with the rest of them.

In closing, I fully support the actions taken.

Joe Tuohy
PBA #314

James Hogan said...

What a great deal, I'll pay $8,500/yr, like you, for 20 years to spend 40 years in retirement, collecting $50K/yr.

You should thanking Dave Rible, and Chris Christie, for making our state affordable, and finding a way to fun your lavish benefits and retirement. I don't know a single private sector worker who has a $3.00 co-pay on non-generic, or a $1.00 co-pay on generics, I know you do, it's in the contract on your own website.

You keep thinking private sector workers, like me, should fund public workers with better benefits than we can afford for ourselves and our families and we'll continue to support Republicans like Dave Rible and Chris Christie who stand firm on our side to make this state affordable, and yet still give you clowns a fair deal.

In closing, I fully support the reforms by Rible and Christie, and I absolutely don't support the local police making up the laws as they go along.

Kelly Nadwodny said...

" From my understanding, Dave [Rible] applied for, and tried to get out of the disability program so he could return to work ..." -- James Hogan

LOL! Put down the pipe, Hogan, and spare us your fictional, fairytale "understandings."

I sure hope the cops catch the guy that forced Dave Rible at gunpoint to receive that disability pension that he applied for. I think it's just terrible that Assemblyman Rible has been forced -- again, against his will -- from contributing to charity the money that he receives from his disability pension. I'm sure Assemblyman Rible is just dying to give that disability money to a worthwhile charity -- at least, that is, while he works in the NJ Legislature. [Sarcasm off]

Assemblyman David Rible Scams State Board for Disability

Touhy, you are an overpaid and under-worked loudmouth. You are also full of shit. NOW you mention David Rible's disability pension? For years David Rible has been collecting that disability pension and for years neither you or the PBA had anything to say about it. Why do you suppose that is? Why do you suppose you are suddenly interested in writing about the races that Rible runs?

James Hogan said...

Kelly, you are correct to note that Dave COULD, and I agree with you, should, take the high road and refuse one salary or the other. Unfortunately, the laws aren't in our favor and Dave is breaking no law, just as I'm breaking no law giving non-relative acquaintances on my permits.

Thanks for stopping by to show your outrage at the PBA, if only more people would speak up!

NeptuneMatters said...

NeptuneMatters has a few comments on this:

PBA #314 said...

(See link below)

General’s report (PDF):
Bank TARP funds 2008 Bonuses
Bank of America $45 billion $3.3 billion
Bank of NY Mellon $3 billion $945 million
Citigroup $45 billion $5.3 billion
Goldman Sachs 10 billion $4.8 billion
J.P Morgan Chase $25 billion $8.7 billion
Merrill Lynch $10 billion $3.6 billion
Morgan Stanley $10 billion $4.5 billion
State Street Corp $2 billion $470 million
Wells Fargo $25 billion $978 million
Total $175 billion $32.6 billion
AIG also received $170 billion in bailout funds from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. But they apparently could not break their contracts to pay $1.2 billion in bonuses in 2009.
Suddenly “fiscal hawks” like Chris Christie think it’s fine to break the contracts of public workers because $252,600,000 that isn’t even due now means the “promises of the past” are too expensive.
You don’t hear too much about Orin Kramer’s decision to sink $115 million of New Jersey pension fund money into Lehmans right before the collapse. Or the fact that both Chris Christie and Christie Todd Whitman have diverted billions from the New Jersey pension fund into the state budget. That’s evidently just “reform.”
So, where was all this “fiscally responsible” fighting spirit when it came to paying out $32.6 billion in taxpayer funded banker bonuses?

YEs, the private sector is on fire! At least the village idiot would have you believe that.

Lets not forget the Christies have a $600k hedgefund from Goldman Sachs. Without OUR tax money to bail out Goldman the Chrisites would have lost it all! Corporate welfare for the beloved Chirsties of the Village idiot.

I also notice you dont dispute that OUR facts were right. You still have in wrong in your response. I agree with "Kelly". If Rible did attempt to go back, lets see the letters he sent the Pension Board? Since he is on your speed dial, why don't you ask him for them so you could post here?

Have fun racing with the other "kids" this weekend!

Joe Tuohy
PBA #314

Kelly Nadwodny said...
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James Hogan said...

Kelly, FYI, Joe's IP from each of his comments does indeed trace back to Manahawkin, so I really was sure it is/was him and just figured you want to know, this really does seem to be the guy you think it is.

I wonder if Joe wants to chat with Bob Ingle?

I was going to be nice, not sure why, and not publish his name/address/registration status, glad you did...

Anyhow, in case it matters to you, the IP:
Tracing route to [] local hops... [] []

From my logs, it appears that someone sent a link to my blog to Joe at his email address. I'll be nice, for now, and not publish his email address. His email/phone number/etc are easy enough to find if you look.

Also from my logs, Joe has been back here, at least, 18 times now, most recently today, 2011-07-16, around 7:10am. He hasn't commented on my %%UPDATE%%....

Anyhow, THANK YOU AGAIN to Dave Rible, Chris Christie and the rest of our representatives for passing these reforms, passing this budget, and putting NJ a step further in the direction that is best for us taxpayers. Great work, Thank you.