Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Future Delivered Now: Rick Perry Will Be Elected President in 2012

We're still months away from state elections in 2011, but as an Average No One with no inside line on anything, I'm calling it now -- Rick Perry will be the Republican nominee for President and Rick Perry will be elected over clueless one-termer Jimmy CarterBarack Obama.

I'm still a big Ron Paul supporter and I still believe that Ron Paul is the one guy who has been on the right side of the issues all along and holds the most sound economic and foreign policy principles, and I still like Gary Johnson who I think has a solid record to run on and would do a fantastic job as the leader of these United States, but after hearing his announcement speech, seeing his first YouTube ad and seeing him get so many write in votes in today's Iowa straw poll without even being there, I'm confident that Rick Perry will be the Republican nominee, and will go on to win the general election in a landslide victory over Obama, if Democrats don't decide to cut their losses and run a better candidate, or even a Bag of Sand, instead.

I'll also predict that every NRA member, self-included, will tell, hundreds of times, the story about Rick Perry shooting a coyote. Before the primary election, Bloomberg and his ilk will have spent millions trying to convince the public that Perry cannot be elected because of his strong pro-2A stance; the public, and quietly Bloomberg too, won't be fooled and voters will remain focused on the economic turmoil Obama's lack of leadership ability has caused and voters will focus on Rick Perry's ability to get government out of the way of an economic recovery and restore confidence and faith in America. Details of Operation Fast And Furious will be brought to the MSM headlines and devastate Obama/Holder ratings if any DemocRats dare accuse Perry and law abiding gun owners of being the cause of crime.

I'll also predict that Chris Christie will be among the first of many high profile Republicans to come out in support of Rick Perry. New Jersey, and specifically Monmouth County, will deliver a larger than Chris Christie vs Corzine sized margin of victory to Rick Perry. New Jersey will also elect a Republican US Senator over Bob Menendez; that Republican US Senator may or may not be an open 2A supporter like Perry, but will be more open to the issue than Menendez. Conservative/Republican/Pro-2A voters will ignore the Republican Senate candidate's prior record and focus on Menendez's terrible 2A record as reason to replace him with anyone, including a Bag of Sand. Frank Pallone will face another serious Republican challenger with the work ethic of an Anna Little and the financial power of a Diane Gooch, in a newly drawn district. Frank Pallone will lose his seat to this superstar candidate. Rush Holt will also face a serious Republican challenger, as well as a cross-dressing circus clown. The Republican candidate will take Holt's seat, the cross-dressing circus clown will also receive more votes than Holt. "Bag of Sand" will get several write-in votes but will not play the role of the spoiler.

Anyhow, if our nation can survive another year with BO at the helm, here is your next President Of The United States Of America, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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