Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Last Minute Supplies

With Hurricane Irene making it's way, I took a nice drive, with the convertible top down, to the supply store to get a few more things. Got there and the place was boarded up, but open, and others were stocking up on some last minute items too.

I found a few last minute supplies left on the shelves...
Like these raft building materials. I figure I can tie them together with some 550 cord and make a flotation device...

I also wanted to make sure that I would be safe from any flying debris.
So I grabbed some armor.

In case any more branches come down, I thought this might be good to have handy.

A good off-road vehicle seemed to be worth grabbing as well.

If my vehicle runs out of gas, I thought having a horse handy would be a good thing too.

And if my horse should run away, I figured some logical self-powered mode of transportation was ideal to have.

And I didn't want to get my pants wet if I had to walk in knee deep water, so a change of clothes was a must.

Hopefully I have all of the right supplies and am well prepared. Good luck friends and neighbors! There are reports of DANGEROUSLY HIGH WATER LEVELS that could splil over at any time!

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