Thursday, October 20, 2011

NRA Grades for 2011 NJ State District 11 Candidates

It's not that I'm a single issue voter, but the NRA grades do mean a lot to me. Two of our "Republican" candidates here in the new District 11 don't score so well, the only good news for Republicans is that the Democrats score worse, or didn't even give those who believe that they have a Second Amendment right the courtesy of responding to the NRA survey.

Here are the Senate Candidates:

Not necessarily a passing grade. A candidate with a mixed record or positions on gun related issues, who may oppose some pro-gun positions or support some restrictive legislation.

An anti-gun candidate who usually supports restrictive gun control legislation and opposes pro-gun reforms. Regardless of public statements, can usually be counted on to vote wrong on key issues.

And here are the Assembly Candidates:
True enemy of gun owners' rights. A consistent anti-gun candidate who always opposes gun owners' rights and/or actively leads anti-gun legislative efforts, or sponsors anti-gun legislation.

Solidly pro-gun candidate. A candidate who has supported NRA positions on key votes in elective office or a candidate with a demonstrated record of support on Second Amendment issues.

Refused to answer the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights.

VIN GOPAL (D) Grade: ?
Refused to answer the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights.
The NRA doesn't seem to know that Dan Jacobson is running as an Independent. I suspect that since Dan seems to think I'm a "gun nut" simply because I exercise my rights and believe I have a basic human right to defend myself, he'd probably score somewhere above Mary Pat and somewhere far below before Caroline.

In any case, quite disappointing grades, but nothing we didn't know already. Jen Beck and Mary Pat were both on the wrong side of NJ's "One Gun A Month" (among other issues that matter to Republicans) -- given the system we have in place, it is still my opinion that returning these anti-gun candidates to office will yield better legislation regarding public worker benefit reforms, school choice reforms, property tax caps and reforms and give the Governor more support in pushing his agenda for NJ.

Vote Tuesday November 8th.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bayshore Tea Party Group Endorses Herman Cain for President of United States of America

Following NJ Govenor Chris Christie's endorsement of Romney (just as I predicted....oh, sorry) the Bayshore Tea Party Group has announced it's endorsement of Herman Cain.

No word yet if The Commish at CWA ,who has been in a back and forth battle with BTPG for the past several months, will endorse any of the current crop, or beat up the BTPG for getting behind a guy who is trying to add a new tax, the national sales tax. Personally, I'm going to take the easy road and stick to being a Ron Paul supporter right up until he loses the primary.

What do you think? Does either Romney or Cain have a chance of winning the Republican nomination? If either were to get the Republican nomination, does either stand a chance against Campaigner in Chief Obama?

The BTPG press release follows.

Bayshore Tea Party Group

With the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots
Press Release

PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Barbara Gonzalez, Founder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bayshore Tea Party Group

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2011 PHONE: 732-842-6652

Statement of the Bayshore Tea Party Group on their Endorsement of Herman Cain for President of United States of America

October 19, 2011, Middletown, NJ - After conducting a poll of the membership, the Bayshore Tea Party Group and the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots are happy to announce that as a group we have decided to endorse Herman Cain for President of the United States in the 2012 election cycle.

Our groups have researched the platforms of the various Republican Candidates, and has come to the conclusion that Herman Cain is the one candidate that best represents the values of the Tea Party movement for the following reason:

The acronym TEA which stands for Taxed Enough Already is the driving emphasis of our conservative movement. Mr. Cain's 999 plan will reform the current tax code which has been used by politicians to pick winners and losers, to dole out favors, and divide our country along socio-economic class warfare. Our current economic crisis requires bold action to truly stimulate the economy and American prosperity. The 999 plan is fair, simple, transparent and efficient.

Mr. Cain's more than 40 years experience in the private sector as a no-nonsense business leader who has turned around struggling companies is exactly what America needs to correct the many problems facing our country. Mr. Cain has balanced budgets, created jobs and rescued failing companies, and his policies will do the same for the United States of America. Mr. Cain has the experience necessary to correct the problems facing our country of a faltering economy, high unemployment, and regressive tax system.

We believe it is time to stop trusting politicians to fix the problems they have caused. While Herman Cain has not held political office, he has proven his problem -solving abilities by leading failing businesses out of bankruptcy and into financial success. America needs solutions, and Mr. Cain is the only candidate offering a platform that will work.

Lastly, we here at the Bayshore Tea Party Group and Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots have decided to publicly endorse Herman Cain in an effort to encourage other tea party members, conservatives and Independents join us in the fight to restore American Exceptionalism.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

$7,000 Taxpayer Dollars and 158 Fewer Guns Means More Future Victims

The Worst News Paper Ever got it wrong, again. The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Board of Freeholders and Police Chiefs Association spent $7,000 of YOUR money so that the Asbury Park Press can claim 158 fewer guns means safer streets. Unfortunately, the APP is making things up, again.

The statistics from DC and Chicago once again indicate what we already know, more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means less victims. The statistics indicate:
In the first six months of this year, there were 14% fewer murders in Chicago compared to the first six months of last year – back when owning handguns was illegal. It was the largest drop in Chicago’s murder rate since the handgun ban went into effect in 1982.
Meanwhile, the other four most populous cities saw a total drop at the same time of only 6 percent.
Similarly, in the year after the 2008 "Heller" decision, the murder rate fell two-and-a-half times faster in Washington than in the rest of the country.
It also fell more than three as fast as in other cities that are close to Washington's size. And murders in Washington have continued to fall.
But the APP story just gets worse, and demonstrates the waste of money, as well as the media bias. Here is the give away:
On Thursday morning, Edward Maksym, 60, of Union Beach, surrendered a M1 carbine assault rife at the Keansburg Police Department, 179 Carr Ave., and received $100 for the weapon
Let's consider the APP's use of the term "assault rifle" first. The rifle is piece of American History. The M1 Carbine was the weapon used by our brave men who saved the world from Nazi rule. The rifle is not some kind of fully automatic machine gun like the bad guys in the movies use, it is your usual semi-automatic one round per trigger pull rifle. The US Government made well over 6 million of these rifles during the war to support freedom and democracy around the world. Or rather ,the US Government didn't make anything, but major corporations that you know and love, like GM and IBM, made the M1 Carbine, and our soldiers were happy to have them.

Given my own (obvious) bias, I'd suggest that sentence should have be written:
On Thursday morning, Edward Maksym, 60, of Union Beach, surrendered a historic and valuable WWII era M1 carbine at the Keansburg Police Department, 179 Carr Ave., and received $100 for the weapon
Historic and valuable indeed, but how valuable? A nice M1 Carbine in good working condition is probably worth $500 at a minimum, one in great condition might go for $1,000, even $1200. Proving their lack of basic economic understanding, the government authorities purchased the gun for $100, with the goal of destroying it. I will be sending a letter to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Board of Freeholders and Police Chiefs Association first thing in the morning bidding $150 for that rifle in good working condition. I'll assure these agencies that the rifle would be the hands of a law-abiding citizen and used only for legal purposes as all of my other guns are and have been used, they should be happy to recover some of YOUR taxpayer money, and they can still pretend that they took the gun from a criminal. I just hope that Eric Holder and Obama haven't already sold these 158 guns to Mexican Drug Cartels.

Again based on my own bias, I'd rewrite that sentence once more:
On Thursday morning, Edward Maksym, 60, of Union Beach, was robbed of a historic and valuable M1 carbine at the Keansburg Police Department, 179 Carr Ave and left defenseless against the illegally armed gang members with warrants out for their arrest who didn't show up at a police station.
And anyhow, just how did these agencies buy 158 of these guns in a single month, a single day even? Doesn't NJ have that silly "one gun a month" law?

Anyway, the picture is my own personal Full Page Ad that I placed in this year's Freeholders' Dinner (next week) Ad Book, I had placed a similar Ad in the Lincoln Day event book. I'm not really convinced that my investment will pay off, but I've never been shy about standing up for issues I really care about and some of my local Republican candidates voted for One Gun A Month back in the day. Maybe one day, soon, they will recognize that the law isn't reducing crimes or gang violence here in NJ and is making criminals out of law abiding citizens who just want to invest their hard earned, and income taxed, money on the purchase, and sales tax, of a firearm.

As always, if you've never held or fired a gun, but just somehow know how much you dislike them, shoot me an email and we'll schedule a date and time to go to the range, you're welcome to shoot any of my guns, I'll bring ammo and use a guest pass for you.