Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gary Johnson Runs as 3rd Party/Libertarian Party Candidate

It seems like a dream could come true... as Gary Johnson has announced his third-party bid for the White House as a Libertarian Party candidate.

While I really like what Gary Johnson stands for and his record, I'm not sure that America is ready, despite all of the problems we have today, to elect a 3rd party candidate and I suspect that he'll, at best, draw a small percentage of libertarian leaning Republicans his way and that small percentage could be what puts Obama over the top.  It'll be interesting to see who the Republican candidate ends up being and who Johnson runs with as a VP, or what kind of fundraising Johnson can do as a 3rd party candidate.

For the most part, I honestly don't expect much -- but I'm glad he's staying in the race -- and hopefully he'll get to join in the debate with the Republican candidate, and Obama, when the time comes.

In a statement, Johnson says, "If I earn the Libertarian nomination, I will be on the ballot in all 50 states. I will not be held hostage to a system rigged for the wealthiest and best-known candidates in a handful of states who happen to have early primaries. And most important, we will offer a political 'home' for millions of Americans who are not finding one in the current political establishment or its candidates."

The Gary Johnson website is

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