Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tea Party Leader Arrested After Attempting to Check in With Gun at Airport

This sounds like the Brian Aitken story all over again... a normal guy an outspoken Tea Party guy trying to obey confusing and ridiculous laws, transporting his firearm, unloaded, in a locked case, was arrested today for not having a NY carry permit (which no one seems to have) when he tried to declare/check his firearm at the airport to board a flight back to California where he is licensed to carry. The gun is legally owned and licensed from what I could gather from the early news reports.

I've said it before and I mean it -- I like to say that I'm not afraid to use my little blog here to go after anyone or anything. Truth is, since my friend Art was arrested and his story become front page news because of his outspoken views, I've reconsidered. The system is about making losers out of good people. Mark Meckler being arrested for exercising one of his God given basic rights protected by our Constitution is just another sign that maybe it's just not possible to really stand up for principles you believe in without certain reprisal.

With each day that passes, and with all levels of Government having such a low approval rating, and more and more people - be it the Tea Party folks, the loony OWS folks or just average cube workers like me - fearing their government and police action more and more each, I just don't see things getting better without getting much, much worse.

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