Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Should be Fired For Incompetence

For all of the times I've heard someone scream and yell "there should be a law for that!", I've yet to hear someone explain that there should be a law that requires our elected officials to have some measure of basic competence about the laws and issues they are legislating.

Yesterday, I took the time to listen to the NJ State Assembly Committee hearing regarding A588 - Prohibits possession of ammunition capable of penetrating body armor. I don't know why I would have ASSuMEd this, but I always ASSuMEd that it was intelligent people who were actively working to restrict our Second Amendment Rights in a methodical and well thought out plan that they honestly believed aided in public safety.

But have a listen and wait for Democrat Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (District 15) to open her mouth right around the 13:50 mark.


Here are some quotes:
  "This bill here only deals with the bullets it doesn't deal with the gun"
Call me crazy, since I know you already do, but there is a distinct difference between a "bullet" and "loaded ammunition", ie - the "bullet" is one component in loaded ammunition. I suppose the easy breakdown would be bullet, case, primer, ignition (powder). It seems important for someone to inform Ms. Watson as to the components of ammunition if she's going to vote on legislation concerning the topic.

"Is there more than one kind of gun that shoots this armor piercing bullet?" ... "are those guns legal?"
Again, either ignorance or incompetence, I can't tell which.

"can you legally own one of those type of guns that would shoot body piercing ummm [yes] in this state? why is that?"
Body piercing?? Maybe Ms. Watson forgot that she agreed to upon the Constitution of the United States of America, including the Second Amendment. Again, the incompetence level is mind-blowing.

"I don't understand the need for body piercing armor under any circum gun umm any ammunition under any circumstances."

"I support the legislation that would make these bullets illegal to posses"

Ms Watson doesn't even know what a bullet is. She should ask her two sons, I'm sure those convicted criminals know.

And of course, body piercing ammunition is already banned. 

It should also be explained to Ms. Watson that there are several levels of body armor, and that armor is also available, legally, to the general public. I'd explain but it's been done before -- I suggest this link -- http://bulletproofme.com/Quick_Answers.shtml -- and order your own vest while you're there, they are a great company to deal with and I give them a glowing recommendation as a customer.

And if I may offer this dumbed down analogy for Ms. Watson....

I propose a bill that would ban allow the Attorney General to ban gasoline of any octane which he deems could be used in a vehicle that can speed and kill pedestrians.

It's not so different from the magazine capacity limits -- for example: I propose a bill that would limit fuel tank capacity to 2 gallons. This capacity restriction would prevent environmental disaster and minimize fire hazards should a fuel tank rupture in an accident. It would also discourage high speed/long distance police chases as criminals wouldn't be able to get very far on 2 gallons of gasoline. Law abiding folks could simply reload their fuel tank more often.

In any case, after listening to Ms. Watson for 2 minutes, she clearly should be fired from her job for incompetence. "There should be a law!" that requires some basic understanding and competence test of the issues being voted upon by those voting.

In any case, the bill is dead for now, but Ms. Watson should still resign from this committee, be removed from this committee by it's chairman and members, or prohibited from future firearms related votes until she posses at least a basic understanding of firearms, ammunition and the Constitution of the United States of America.

I offer Ms. Watson a guest pass to the shooting range and I'll provide the LEGAL ammunition and firearms for you to shoot and learn about, call me -- the link to call me is on the left there -- to schedule a date and time that works for you. Tootles.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

NJ22AS Files Appeal to Force State Police to Disclose Gun Documents

Reposting the below from http://www.ammoland.com/2012/01/18/nj22as-files-appeal-to-force-state-police-to-disclose-gun-documents/

Manahawkin, NJ --(Ammoland.com)- On Wednesday January 4, 2012, Rick Gutman the attorney for the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) filed an appeal with the NJ Appellate division in its lawsuit against the NJ Division of State Police.
This case revolves around the state’s refusal to allow lawful New Jersey residents reasonable access to documents which directly impact the processing of their applications for Firearms Identification Cards and Handgun Purchase Permits.
After receiving numerous complaints from applicants who were subjected to extended delays, intrusive forms and other requirements that clearly go beyond what is allowed by law, the NJ2AS took decisive action.
A formal Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for access to the NJ Division of State Police Firearms Applicant Investigation Guide was filed on March 14, 2011. A week later this request was summarily denied. Attorney Gutman then filed a lawsuit requesting that an “order to show cause” be served on the NJ Division of State Police to explain why they refused to allow access to what should be considered a public document. The order to show cause was served on May 6, 2011.
After multiple delays by the state’s attorney general’s office the case was heard by Judge Douglas Hurd in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Trenton on December 2, 2010. Unfortunately, Judge Hurd ruled against the NJ2AS. The judge’s decision was based in part on the exemption which the Division claimed under Governor Christie’s Executive Order #47. Part of this order exempts certain governmental agencies from having to reveal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) no matter how innocuous. The NJ2AS’s request for access was also denied under the Common Law Right of Access (CLRA) which balances the plaintiff’s right to access against the state’s perceived need to protect the public interest.
The NJ2AS contends that there can be no threat to the public interest in exposing the contents of a guide designed to assist municipal authorities through the convoluted process of granting a NJ resident a Firearms Identification Card or a Permit to Purchase a Handgun. Every applicant must submit to a thorough criminal background check as well as a mental health check. They must be fingerprinted and have their fingerprints checked through an FBI database. The Society believes that nothing in the guide could possibly disclose any way to circumvent this rigorous process.
The NJ2AS also contends that the entire process is redundant since a handgun purchaser must submit to an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) at the point of purchase. The antiquated NJ Division of State Police processing was designed at a time before this more efficient national process was developed. New Jersey’s system has since become a slow, costly and redundant relic in light of this newer computerized system.
“If the state insists on continuing the use of this inefficient system of processing applications,” states Frank Jack Fiamingo, the founder and President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, “New Jersey residents must have access to the guide in order to ensure that they are not being subjected to tougher standards then residents in any other part of the state. We have received numerous complaints from our members as well as members of the community at large that they are being treated unfairly. For instance, we have identified more than 25 NJ municipalities that have introduced additional forms which are specifically disallowed under the NJ firearms statutes”.
In addition, Fiamingo indicates that he has received countless complaints of delays in processing that range from several months to over a year. According to the statutes, these applications should be processed in no more than thirty (30) days.
The New Jersey Second Amendment Society is dedicated to restoring and preserving constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) for legitimate purposes

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bob Walsh For Freeholder

After careful review of the Freeholder candidates at multiple forums as well as a review of facts and statistics from their hometowns and feedback from other like-minded, concerned, private sector taxpayers, I'd like to share the following opinions and observations:

  Bob Walsh is a fiercely Independent Republican -- despite being at odds with his local Republican committee, Bob forges ahead for the good of ALL taxpayers, and the good of the Republican party. Bob stands firm on his principles and convictions and is unyielding to "higher-ups" or those who would try to put road-blocks in front of him. His life story is one of overcoming hardships and diversity and that life experience gives him the ability to represent average, honest, working class people who also face the [currently dim] economic and social environment.

  Bob Walsh is an open, honest and often blunt speaker -- if anyone is unsure of where Bob stands on an issue, they should ask him. Bob is well informed and will consistently speak the honest truth, even if it is a controversial or a dissenting opinion, and not sugar-coat an issue simply to make people feel good or make friends. Bob does not shy away from confrontation but rather stands firm for what he believes in while being open to the facts and reality around us.

  Bob Walsh has courage and political will -- Bob has made every effort to work within the framework of the State Constitution and NJ state law to limit the size of his local government and make government more affordable. While major reforms are much needed in our system, those reforms must be made at the state level where Democrats control the Legislature in opposition to the principles we stand for as Republicans, and Bob has succeeded in working within the system we have to the benefit of taxpayers. Further, Bob Walsh will not be bullied by department heads, union bosses or other beneficiaries of the system as he has proven in his own town.

  Bob Walsh is a fellow, Independent private sector taxpayer -- Bob is not a public worker and his livelihood is not dependent on political outcomes. Bob has no conflicts of interest with his fellow taxpayers and is not a beneficiary of the public system. Public workers may despise him, and Democrats may attack his unique personality, but attacks on his conviction to principles and his defense of taxpayers will be without merit.

I thank all of the candidates, their supporters and the eventual Freeholder for answering my questions and I pledge my full support, time and dedication to whoever is elected, but it is these specific qualities, among others, that I see in Howell Mayor Bob Walsh that, in my humble opinion, make him stand out among the other candidates for Freeholder at this time. It is for these qualities, many of which I believe that I share in common with Mayor Walsh, that many of you have supported me in the past and I ask you to extend that support to Bob Walsh on Saturday January 14th, and again in November.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

James Hogan
Monmouth County Republican Committeeman
Long Branch District 10

Friday, January 6, 2012

Security Theater On Display

Talk about Security Theater. One of my favorite daily nerd web-reads, (Slashdot or /.), tips me off to to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authorities latest efforts to stop terrorism.

I'll simply quote the one line from the MBTA website (http://mbta.com/transitpolice/default.asp?id=19050) that once again proves these aren't efforts by law enforcement to make anyone safer, it's simply a way to justify jobs and spend "Homeland Security" money while putting on a (good?) show. Here it is, hold on to your hats...
There are notices posted at the entrance to the station that the inspection is in progress
Surely, the clever terrorist with the dirty bomb will see the sign and just do the right thing and walk on over to the the friendly security officer to check his weapons, just like the fine, law-abiding citizen Meredith Graves did at the World Trace Center Memorial.. Ohh right, there are no such signs there... 

Clearly I make bad jokes, but it's no laughing matter. Security of our nation and our selves and our family members should be the top priority for every individual.  Learn self-defense at your local gym, take the firearms classes at Brick Armory, stay in good physical shape and keep your senses on alert at all times, because the actions and methods of the MBTA are laughable at best, even liberals should be offended at the clear waste of resources, and they offer you no protection, at a great financial cost, as well as a great cost to your Freedom and Liberty. 

Stay safe my friends.