Friday, January 6, 2012

Security Theater On Display

Talk about Security Theater. One of my favorite daily nerd web-reads, (Slashdot or /.), tips me off to to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authorities latest efforts to stop terrorism.

I'll simply quote the one line from the MBTA website ( that once again proves these aren't efforts by law enforcement to make anyone safer, it's simply a way to justify jobs and spend "Homeland Security" money while putting on a (good?) show. Here it is, hold on to your hats...
There are notices posted at the entrance to the station that the inspection is in progress
Surely, the clever terrorist with the dirty bomb will see the sign and just do the right thing and walk on over to the the friendly security officer to check his weapons, just like the fine, law-abiding citizen Meredith Graves did at the World Trace Center Memorial.. Ohh right, there are no such signs there... 

Clearly I make bad jokes, but it's no laughing matter. Security of our nation and our selves and our family members should be the top priority for every individual.  Learn self-defense at your local gym, take the firearms classes at Brick Armory, stay in good physical shape and keep your senses on alert at all times, because the actions and methods of the MBTA are laughable at best, even liberals should be offended at the clear waste of resources, and they offer you no protection, at a great financial cost, as well as a great cost to your Freedom and Liberty. 

Stay safe my friends.

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