Monday, February 6, 2012

My neighbor, a Long Branch Volunteer, and Radio Star

Some long time readers might remember that I've blogged a few times about my neighbor, who I'd nominate and defend as the best neighbor anyone can move in next to, a few times. He plays frisbee with my puppy, I shovel his sidewalk and driveway when it snows. When trees fall on his power lines, I'm knocking on his door to wake him up -- when he wakes up, my puppy is stealing his newspaper and holding it ransom for a few pets. 
But last year I was playing frisbee with the dog when a Long Branch Police Officer pulled into Dink's driveway looking for Dink's wife, who was not home. Being the nosy neighbor, I inquired what the officer was doing and he informed me that Dink was in a minor motor vehicle accident after his heart stopped while driving over to the First Aid building to process some payroll. 

Celina and I went to visit Dink in the hospital a few times and things didn't sound too good the first few visits. Doctors changed his meds a few times, which caused some other complications and Dink really seemed to be losing hope. The third time Dink was admitted to Jersey Shore, he and his wife told us he would be the first to get some new procedure; a few short months later, Dink is back to playing frisbee with my puppy and even came over to watch the SuperBowl on the big screen last night. 

So I'm happy to report to my friends in Long Branch that Jersey Shore did us all a favor by helping someone who I think may be our greatest volunteer, Don "Dink" Henry; and I personally thank them for saving the life of my friend, my neighbor and my puppy's best friend. 

But what inspires me to write about Dink this morning is that as I was on my way to work this morning listening to 880AM -- I heard Dink's voice on the radio. The attached video ran as a radio commercial for Jersey Shore/Meridian Health. I'm sure they don't need my help advertising, but I can certainly say that I've often been one to think such commercials were made-up/exaggerated for marketing type of things. I assure you, Dink's story is true, and as lucky as Long Branch is to have such a great and dedicated volunteer, I'm even luckier to have such a great neighbor, and a great friend.

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