Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Selling my 98 Firebird TransAm / RaceCar

... in case any of my political world/blog reading friends and neighbors are interested....

I am looking to sell my 98 Pontiac Firebird TransAm t-top racecar. It's not quite in race-ready/drive away condition, and it needs some work to be a race-ready car so it's a limited market that I'm looking for here -- this is not a daily driver/street car so if you're looking to buy such a thing, this is not the car for you.

Anyhow, if you are interested in a project/racecar -- for those who might not remember/know, it is a Navy Blue 98 TA with a WS6 hood. The motor is a 408 Iron block LS1 that recently put down just over 450HP to the rear wheels on a dynojet dyno through a Trans-King TH400/Moser 12 bolt. The motor runs smooths/sounds great and has no notable miles on it - just the break-in run time and a few short minutes on the dyno for tuning, you might be able to get more power out of it with a better/more careful tune. The TH400 probably has less than 2K miles, it's a Precision Industries Vigilanti converter but I don't recall the stall speed off of the top of my head - maybe I have it in an old old old email if you needed the exact specs. The Moser 12 bolt has 3.73 gears in it. The car is NOT a street car at this point and I don't know that you can easily convert it back into a street car. It has long tube headers into a custom Mufflex y-pipe/no cats and has a muffler that dumps under the car so it's pretty loud but not obnoxious as far as racecars go.

Other somewhat (maybe less than) notable features:
Has a nitrous bottle bolted down behind the drivers seat but nitrous system is not wired/installed - I will include all of the nitrous parts and a second bottle. Bottles are empty.
TH400 has a trans-brake - it's a B&M reverse pattern shifter, forget exactly which model shifter / shift light on the dash
Wolfe 6pt roll bar bolted in it / Harness on the driver's side
manual brakes / line lock
manual steering / no PS pump
BMR manual rack k-member/BMR rear sway bar/BMR upper/lower a-arms, no front sway bar
QA1 adjust shocks all around but they have miles/years of just sitting on them. Qa1 drag springs in front, I forget what the rear springs might be.
Strange Brake kit all around but there are some problems -- will explain/provide pictures to any interested buyer(s).
Grant steering wheel / No driver/pass airbags
No heat / No AC
no radio / no speakers

I do not know the exact weight of the car as it sits but most things have been removed -- it does still have the stock/factory leather front seats/carpet in it. 

I would like to sell the car with all of the following:
Gear Vendors Over Drive unit (not installed on the car but I have the OD unit and short drive shaft to use with it if you want to put it back in the car) I think paid about $2600 for it new, doesn't have many miles on it.
Trailer - can get the make/model/year etc but it's long/wide/open deck trailer with long/wide ramps
Weld Pro-Star 15x10 rear and 15x(?) fronts. The fronts have usable DS2 tires, the rears need new tires
I also have the original rear seats (not in the car) and numerous/misc other parts (like a wideband commander) that I'll include.

I'm looking to sell the car with the trailer and any/all f-body parts I have for sitting around for it for $14K or best reasonable offer.

I can provide pictures/info of the car as it sits today for anyone seriously interested, but again, it is a project car/racecar and it needs some work to be race-ready but I'd have to guess anyone who would be interested in such a car could probably fix the problems in a weekend or two of work. The paint/exterior is in decent/reasonable condition - it is a 98 / (13-14yr old?) that was daily driven for a few years so obviously the paint is not perfect. The car itself/body has 72K miles on it. The interior needs some parts fixed/replaced but is essentially a complete/stock interior - again, I can send pictures to any interested buyer. I also have two brand new window motors that I'll include as the window motors seem to be dead/not working -- if you even want working windows.

Reasons for selling are:
1) I have tried and tried and tried to get this car running and recently picked it up from a shop in far less than the expected running/race-ready condition which has just sucked all of the (little) remaining interest/motivation out of me.
2) I just don't want to spend my time turning wrenches, working on cars or racing cars at the track and would hate to part it out because someone with some mechanical know-how and time could really have a GREAT car at a fair price for a little bit of work.
3) I bought the 00 WS6 back in July, 2003 because my 98 had been broken for so long back then. It's March 2012 and my 98 is in the same state. Life has moved on for me and the WS6 has come and gone with the 98 still just collecting dust. Its just time for me to move on from the 98 now.

If you're interested at $14K for the car + trailer + all of the parts I have sitting around, shoot me an email j hogan at tx stock dot com and I'll provide current pictures and more detailed info/try to get a full/complete list of parts I have sitting around. Some older pictures (the car hasn't changed much really) are available at

I live in Long Branch NJ 07740 and keep the car/trailer near-by if you wanted to check out the car in person. I'm willing to tow the car/trailer up to 250 miles to deliver it if you can't come to get. Again, the car is not in race-ready condition, it is not a street car and if you think I'm trying to talk you out of buying it,it's only partially true -- the car needs a little bit of wrench turning, will be a dedicated track/race car that has all of the right parts/components to go really fast and be a ton of fun but will take a few hours of your time to sort out, ie: I don't really want to sell this car to your mom who thinks she can pickup groceries with it. Mostly, I'm just hoping to see it off to someone who will be able to correct the issues and enjoy the car and I want the buyer to understand what they are getting.

Feel free to pass this along to any friends you might have who are in the market for a racecar.


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